Celebrate your graduation day in Sweden

Education is an important factor for each and every human being. Without education a human is incomplete. Education brings lots of changes in human being. Education sharpens human mind and makes him strong to face with the day to day problems. Human behaviour is basically initiated by upbringing in the family. Parents are the first teachers of every child.

When child enters in a school environment, his real world education starts. Each country has its own education system. After completing basic education a student can choose his desirable stream. In many countries it is almost same like if student is fond of reading history, geography then he chooses arts side, if he is fond of accounts then he chooses commerce or if the student is fond of science and mathematics then he goes with science stream. Apart from these main branches there are sub domains to train students as per industries.

If we consider education system in Sweden it is mandatory between age 7 and 16. Pre schools in Sweden provide provides an environment that stimulates children’s development and learning, and enable parents to combine parenthood with work and studies. Education is compulsory for age 7 to 16. The level of education is high among age 25-34. Many schools in Sweden are municipally run. The Swedish educational system has some distinctions which are not comparable to any education system.

Completion of graduation is one of the important tasks in the life of every student. After spending some years in high schools, the day comes when he is rewarded with the degree. Some countries have special traditions to celebrate graduation ceremony. In Sweden, the graduates wear special hats called studentmössa to celebrate their graduation ceremony. The Swedish student hats are used since the mid 19th century. At the front of the band is a cockade (ribbon) of blue and yellow, which are the colours of Swedish flag.

In the Nordic countries student hats were first adopted as a common mark of student recognition.  The cap has dark blue band, red lining and a stiffer crown. The studentmössor were mainly invented by students from Uppsala University. A major variation on the student cap is done by engineering students. They keep the basic shape as it is but has a triangular flap hanging down on the right side ending in a tassel.  The hats worn by engineering students usually come in colours signalling the university origin. Currently there are lots of companies that provide graduation hats to student’s to celebrate the graduation ceremony. MyGrad is one of the famous companies in Sweden which provides high quality student hats.