Epigenetics Technology Market (Epigenomics, DNA Methylation, Histone Modifications) is expected to reach $8 Billion 2017

Over the last decade, genomics and proteomics have been used as key tools to discover potential drug targets and to better understand the complexities of biology. To balance research in these areas, epigenetics offers a potential opportunity in understanding the basis of various diseases in a different approach. Thus, epigenetics is study of heritable changes in genome function and gene expression had opened the new gate of biology to understand the basis of diseases and presents incredible opportunities for disease diagnosis and drug discovery.

The current global epigenetics market is estimated as $2.6 Billion and is expected to reach $8 Billion by the year 2017, growing at a CAGR of 25%.

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 Epigenetics is one of the fastest emerging scientific field with promising growth potential to revolutionize therapeutics and diagnostics industries in healthcare. It is the scientific study of heritable changes in genome function and gene expression had opened the new gate of biology to understand the basis of diseases and presents incredible opportunities for disease diagnosis and drug discovery.

 Epigenetics field has been greatly attracted by the research and pharmaceutical industries as epigenetic changes are mostly reversible unlike the permanent mutations and appears to be promising to provide new prospects in cancer therapeutics. The field of epigenetics is currently growing at a rapid pace in cancer therapeutics which is evident from the revenue generated through the sales of the approved four epigenetic based drugs for cancer.

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 The rapid growth of epigenetics field is attributed due to its promising research in cancer therapeutics and its extension in non-oncology indications such as autoimmune diseases, inflammatory diseases, neurological disorders, etc. will further enhance its market growth. Currently, there are around 40 drugs in pipeline, developed by various pharmaceutical companies targeting various cancers and non-oncology indications. The current approach of epigenetics in targeted therapy and personalized medicine for cancer has the potential to address the demands in the healthcare industry.

 The Global Epigenetics market is showing a double digit growth (CAGR 25%) due to supportive factors such as, (i) huge amount of funds and investments, (ii) increasing partnerships and collaborations, and (iii) rapid screening tools. Epigenetics is used in the identification of new epigenetic biomarkers, which will aid in better diagnosis and prognosis of diseases. While there are factors favoring the market growth, there are concerns such as change in re-imbursement systems and lack of predictive markers holding back the growth of this market. However, the positive aspects in this field may very well offset the market restraints to aid the market grow at an exceptional rate.

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 Based on geographical regions, currently North America dominates with 40% of market share, followed by Europe with 36%. However in future, countries in Asia-Pacific region will greatly drive the growth of epigenetics market in future owing to the favorable regulatory landscape, increased population with cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, etc. and rising disposable incomes.


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