Speaking Latino Creates a Booklet of Free Resources to Learn Spanish

Speaking Latino, a website dedicated to learning Spanish and Spanish slang, has created a booklet for people that want to learn Spanish and don’t know where to start. The booklet shares the best online tools to learn Spanish for free. The booklet called The Only 6 Tools You Need to Learn Spanish for Free, written by Jared Romey, is available without cost at the website Speaking Latino. “In this short booklet I share six amazing web pages that offer quality resources to learn the language. Anyone using these resources regularly will learn Spanish,” Romey promises.

Romey wrote this book because many people get stuck in the common error of jumping from one method to the next or trying out the next new thing, instead of simply studying Spanish. Also, many people are put off from learning Spanish because of the high cost of many language tools. His belief is that fancy tools are not necessary to achieve Spanish fluency.

The Only 6 Tools You Need to Learn Spanish booklet describes each web page and also indicates which of the four language acquisition components each one covers: speaking, listening, reading and/or writing. His objective is to help people advance and achieve their goal of learning Spanish. “I learned and became fluent in Spanish as an adult more than 15 years ago. I wish I had these tools available back then,” he confesses.

This booklet aims to motivate people interested in studying Spanish, that need help finding where to start, but have little or no money to invest in classes and tools. It is available for free at