Samsung Launches Tablet Sized Phone Galaxy W

Does everyone know samsung is very famous for his busy big size screen phones and tablets in very low prices as well and now samsung infuse same becoming better new technology like this.

Recently samsung has launched smartphones named as samsung galaxy w, this is my phone is having a 7 inch screen launcher in this out korean market. The price of this in south korea is krw 4, 99, 400. This will be approximately 28, 800 Rs in India.

This smart phone has 7 inch screen which is actually made for tablet and samsung has launched date in the smart phone series with all features of phone in the tablet size screen so that this can give mofussil it is the consumer of the product.

Features of this samsung galaxy w is as below.
1.2 GH processor
1.5gb RAM
8MP rear camera
2MP front camera
16GB internal storage.
micro sd card slot
3200mAh battery.

Before the samsung galaxy w there were some of the alternate use in the market and samsung galaxy mega version 3 the companies biggest smartphone was there but now there is a samsung galaxy w in the world in market If that to provide diversification in choosing the product.More  Mobile Related Latest  News and Reviews