Botswana Power Market – Current Supply and Future Scenario


Botswana’s power mix is dominated by coal and oil-based power generation. Coal was the sole source of power generation in the country until 2011 due to its cost-effectiveness, availability and abundance. The contribution of renewable energy however is negligible due to the lack of a strong regulatory framework that favours its growth, as well as the lack of resources, except solar. However, in the future Botswana aims to generate 15% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2015, doubling to 30% by 2030. It currently depends on imported electricity to meet its power requirements, but investments are being made in power generation and the transmission sector to meet the demand-supply gap and reduce dependency on imported power.

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- Botswana’s power market structure and regulatory framework.
- The key electricity policies involved in Botswana’s power market.
- Botswana’s electricity supply and generation scenario in Botswana.

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- Gain insight into Botswana’s economic conditions and power market structure.
- Identify the major electricity policies in Botswana.
- Gain insight into the upcoming transmission projects and future power supply scenario in Botswana.

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1 Table of Contents 1

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