Data Science and R programming Training In Pune

                                                             Data Science and R programming Training Pune


What is Data Science?

Data Science is a new interesting software technology, which is used to apply critical analysis, provide the ability to develop sophisticated models, for massive data sets and drive the business insights. DS utilizes the potential and scope of Hadoop, R programming and machine learning implementation, by making use of Mahout.

Interesting Facts about DS…

·         The term Data Science is used interchangeably with Datalogy.

·         DS employs its theories and techniques from physics, mathematics, nanotechnologies and this list goes till 23 fields.

·         DS is considered to be a part of many academic and research areas.

·         DS has been employed fraud monitoring and security.

Who can be a Data Scientist?

In fact, literally any one can become Data Scientist, with a strong aspiration to become so. However, the aspirants with better exposure of core Java along with better mathematical aptitude can become the Data Scientists sooner, while the rest of the aspirants need to take additional time to grab these basic pre-requisites.

Who is eligible?

Data Science can be learnt for machine learning implementation, through implementation of programming by R language and interested to apply the machine learning techniques on the Big Data. So, the professionals, with the following professional skills and academics will be eligible to learn this course.

1.    SAS professionals and SPSS professionals, who are interested to work for better understanding of Big Data Analytics

2.    Software developers, who are interested to become ‘Data Scientists’

3.    Business Analysts, who are willing to learn the Machine Learning Techniques

4.    R professionals, who are interested to gain fair knowledge and expertise in Big Data analysis

5.    Experienced analytics managers, who work with and lead the team of analysis

6.    Hadoop experts, who wish to cover both Machine Learning implementation and R

7.    Statisticians, who are interested in implementing the techniques of statistics of huge data on Big Data

8.    Information architects, who are willing to obtain proficiency in Predictive Analysis

9.    Analysts, who are interested to gain fair knowledge in the methodologies of Data Science

Academically, you should have completed any of the graduations like, BCA, B-Tech, MCA, M-Tech. Professionals, who plans to switch from the background of administration also become eligibleRemove featured image.

Where do I learn? … At EtlHive

The trendy and hot software technology, Data Science is taught in EtlHive, which is a corporate training company, right in Pune.

Why EtlHive?

The answer is simple and direct. EtlHive is a one stop solution for all the IT aspirants, as all of its training centers are well organized to provide training for niche technologies, by the certified trainers. The training institute also provides opulent training for Customer Training, Corporate Training, Online Training, all equipped with the sophisticated hardware and software resources.

What about Training Facilities?

EtlHive enables all necessary infrastructures that are needed to provide quality training in Data Science, along with the other training modules. One to one session, video lectures, VM for practice and online support for 24 by 7 makes the training to become proficient and effective.

What’s More?

Yes, there are lots more in terms of amenities that give a corporate environment, with its phone banks, café area, computer labs, technical support, car parking, conference rooms and complimentary WiFi.


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