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Designed for long term investors and stock traders, VectorVest is one the best stock analysis software around the world.  Affordable, the product has been designed to analyze over 23,000 stocks to offer information regarding their value, safety and timing. It provides faster mathematical calculations and provides historical information about stocks and companies to reduce the risks of loses and increase the chances of profitability. The software currently offers information on buying, selling and holding stocks every day. The product is available for just $9.95 for five weeks’ trial. The software works on RV, RS and RT, wherein it starts with an RV rating of 1.00 and then stocks are rating above or below. Then comes RS or Relative Safety, which informs investors regarding stability of stock and lastly is the RT or Relative Timing, which is short term price performance on 1.00. Designed by Dr. Bart DiLiddo, a premier investment expert, the product includes market analysis to protect stocks from fluctuations in the stock market.

A spokesperson elaborated about VectorVest and said, “The software is a system for stock analysis and portfolio management, offering customizable solutions. The product currently analyzes over 23,000 sticks and provides technical information and mathematical data for the same, which saves investors’ time on research.”

When buyers opt for best stock analysis software, they get a variety of features, including a five weeks trial available for $9.95. The trial includes a fast and easy to learn instructional CD for operating the program, a book on stocks and strategies by Dr. Bart DiLiddo. Apart from this, buyers also receive exclusive reports from the stock market, including reports on how investors can buy low and sell high, short stocks in bear markets and strategies for market timing and using different options for supercharge profits.

VectorVest currently calculates two different measures for valuing a stock on their database. The first includes basic value, measuring the worth of stock in the current scenario, which is based on cash flows, earnings, growth, inflation, profitability of the stock and the interest rates. The second is relative value, calculated on point 1.00, which includes its long term price appreciation.

The spokesperson added, “Any stock below the RV rating of 1.00 is a red flag and shouldn’t be invested upon, while 1.00 is the average and the ones above 1.00 have an above average long term price appreciation potential. Later, the investors can choose their stocks on Relative Safety and Relative Timing.”

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Dr. Bart A. DiLiddo is a foremost investment expert, who is the creator and founder of VectorVest. He used mathematical calculation for devising strategies that can be used for individual stocks and that’s how VectorVest offers information for over 23,000 entities along with analysis for which stocks should be invested upon.

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