Business Coach Dakim Duncan 3 day video training course helps military veterans to be a success in business

Compared to civilians, military veterans are 45 percent more likely to consider and start a new business. In America according to a recent report people who have gained military service own one in 10 small businesses, the report states that there are 2.4 million small businesses that are run by veteran military personnel who employ almost 6 million Americans and generate more than $1 trillion in receipts. .


Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel announced plans to shrink the United States Army which will result in the armed forces being at its smallest since before World War II. Military experts have expressed their concern at the news and have stated the United States would not be able to deal with any further serious conflict such as Afghanistan due to the swindling numbers of military personnel.

The United States military reached a peak of 566,000 soldiers during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, now with the news of the cut backs the US army will be reduced to 440,000 personnel and unfortunately there are not enough jobs in the market place to accommodate all the military personnel being made redundant.

Business coach, Certified Life Coach, Success and Passion Coach, Serial Entrepreneur author and co-founder of the New York African American Chamber of Commerce, Dakim Duncan, who has launched a Free 3 day video training course to Help Veterans Start and Grow Small Businesses and achieve the success they deserve, would like to see more military veterans start their own business and help generate more jobs.

Dakim Duncan is looking for military veterans interested in starting or growing a new business and would like to introduce them to The Work Your Passion Coaching System, to allow them to gain all the skills that is needed to make their business a success.

Veteran entrepreneurship is on the rise but without proper training many entrepreneurs will fail. It is not just the case of having a great idea for a business, a person needs to have the correct training and guidance and tools to become a success and now thanks to Dakim Duncan and his free 3 day video training course, military veterans will now be able to achieve success and gain the knowledge and tools to learn how to move their business forward to the next level.

The course will allow military veterans to understand what they need to do to make their business a success.


 This 3 Day Video Training Will Show You How To:

    Generate as many leads as your business can handle

    Increase your leads WITHOUT spending a ton of money on marketing

    Dominate your competition and become the go to business in your industry

    Avoid costly mistakes that cause you lose to business and waste your time

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