Synagen Iq - Read Facts, Reviews and Advices

There are many nootropic supplements on the market today promising a lot but unfortunately don’t deliver so my search for a quality brain supplement continues with the newest product Synagen Iq. A quick glance over the website leads me to believe that it is actually quite promising but from my experience lately I have learned to not keep up my hopes for too long. They all offer plenty of benefits and how their product is great but in the end they have nothing to show for it. In the past I have tried numerous products and it turns out that very few of them are actually effective.

I try to not get too excited about a product or the benefits they promise as my research will prove whether it is really worth it. I try to not be overly critical as I am sure there are quality products out there but certainly, I refrain from giving them too much of my confidence and time unless I am sure it is worth it. What I have noticed though is that in most cases with the supplements that have worked in the past they have over exaggerated the benefits a bit but they have still been somewhat effective.

What is Synagen Iq

Basically it is a nootropic. If I have never heard of what a nootropic is it can basically help you improve the way your brain works and your life in many ways. Their claims are that it will help you achieve boundless brain performance, which of course, I am sure is an exaggeration. It will help revitalize the way your mind works, you will work with ease, and think sharper, faster, and boost your brain power.

Containing only all natural ingredients it will help improve your overall memory and focus while boosting the brains processing speed and overall flow state. More or less they claim that it will improve your life through allowing you more success by changing the way you think.

How the Brain Works and Why it Stops Working

Nearly everyone experiences a decline in their brain power with age, though this could also be take place earlier in life due to stress so you could easily experience the symptoms earlier than your 30’s. Generally, though, it is at your 30’s mark that your brain slowly starts to slow in process losing power, memory, focus, and general processing speed. There are several symptoms which should be the red light that you may need to either go on a special “brain” diet or take some sort of supplement to help boost the way your brain functions.

Symptoms to look out for:

  • Difficulty in concentrating on simply tasks and you are easily distracted regardless of their difficulty.
  • Lack of focus and after a while you realize that it takes you much longer to complete a very simple task simply because you continuously become distracted.
  • Memory starts to dwindle both short and long term. Even the simplest things are difficult to remember.
  • Body begins to slow down when all of the above symptoms are combined thus making you far more tired than usual.
  • Others begin to notice. This is when it not only becomes embarrassing but also a problem at work, school, and in the family.

Mental Solution

Well, can’t say that I am fully on board but so far from what they promise it is actually quite impressive and I am considering ordering to give it a try. They are pretty good at marketing their product that’s for sure. So, what they claim is that the supplement has nothing to do with other nootropics because it is developed to be a fully balanced solution which helps ensure performance. This means that it will help you stay calm and focused even in situations which are very stressful.

Unfortunately there is not actual list of ingredients on the official website. They do mention 2 ingredients in their description of the product which are Huperzine A and Vinpocetine. When combined they help boost the acetylcholine levels in the body. A very powerful neurotransmitter, acetylcholine helps supercharge your brain and helps boost speed and information processing through boosting cerebral blood oxygen flow.

This expert combination of ingredients which are neurospecific antitoxins help in many ways by reducing mental fog and removing free radicals.

Vinpocetine: So, I did some research and of course came to WebMD where I found the information I needed. This ingredient has shown to be effective in preventing the decline of thinking skills caused by a number of factors. Each of the studies that have been done have shown that it is proven to be effective as well as offers an improvement of memory when taken for a period of time of 4 months. There are of course possibilities of side effects, though slime, which are dizziness, flushing of face, nervousness, headache, sleep disturbances, nausea, and stomach pain.

Huperzine A: Of course I did some research on this ingredient as well. Turns out that it is not only effective for those past their 30’s which are losing brain power but it is also effective for younger users as well. Though this product is not marketed for anyone under the age of 18 I thought I’d throw that in there as there are studies with children for a month as per WebMD. When taken for up to 4 weeks it has shown to help improve memory problems. Do take note that it does not lack the possibility of side effects though as with many other ingredients in such supplements. Possible side effects are sweating, diarrhea, nausea, and more.

Although both of these ingredients seem quite promising both as described in the official website and from what I learned from WebMD I am still skeptical as I am sure there must be other ingredients as well as the official website does note that there are a total of 9 compounds in total in the supplement. Each has its special qualities which creates the benefits of this supplement. The official website claims that the nootropic helps maximize 3 parts of the brain and its overall physical abilities by:

  1. Boosting levels of endogenous neurotransmitters
  2. Providing anti-stress compounds
  3. Encouraging complete neuroprotection

Ever Had a Lucid Dream?

So, it has been proven that acetylcholine is actually lined to causing vivid and more often than not lucid dreams. This means that all acetylcholine boosting ingredients will help give you some of the most amazing dreams that you have ever experienced. On one hand I am quite interested in how this really will turn out on the other it is kind of scary and I am not sure I am ready to open that door. The reason this is possible is that acetylcholine is actually the neurotransmitter which is responsible for the regulation of REM in your sleep. So, by boosting acetylcholine your body transitions to deeper sleep much easier and faster which not only means more vivid dreams but more rejuvenating sleep. When your REM cycles broaden and become more persistent you are more likely to have a lucid ream.

Did you Know Lucid Dreams have Benefits?

Honestly, I am not too familiar with lucid dreams so I am far from being familiar with the benefits of having lucid dreams. This has actually taken me to a new level and perhaps if I try this supplement is may actually be simply so I can see if I experience any of the listed benefits of lucid dreams by the website.

  • Explore what your inner creative self potential
  • Discover the meaning of your personal life
  • May help overcome fears and phobias
  • Practice and thus improve some of your professional and personal real life skills

This to me is very odd and honestly just so I can see how this will go I am considering this supplement.

Benefits of Taking Synagen Iq

Every one f these types of supplements has a long list of benefits. This website offers just 4 but they seem quite substantial. I cannot say they are necessarily benefits of the supplement in itself but rather the results from the supplement and improvement in brain power should it work.

  • Cognition Boost
  • More and More Realistic Dreams
  • Better Performance
  • Short and Long Term Memory Maintenance

They claim that our brain will be completely reprogrammed and required to help improve the way you think and store/recall information. This means that the stored information will be stored more accurately and you will be able to access it anytime you need it.

External Websites and What Customers Think

There is no lack of discussion on the topic online in external websites. Unfortunately, there is very little substantial information and real, I mean REAL commentary. Most of the information and reviews that I have found look to be paid. They are far from real and actually I would trust the official website more than any of them. On the good side though there are a few comments and reviews that actually seem genuine. Just have to have the eye for them.

Though there were quite a few positive reviews, honestly, I am having a hard time determining which are genuine and which are paid. Many looked to be more advertisements rather than real experiences. With that said I do think I found several which do claim that they have been and continue to take the supplement and they are happy. The negative reviews were a bit more because of the price of the product as well as their free trial offer which is a bit shady because you don’t see the full details of the offer shared anywhere and must visit the terms and conditions page to get the info or find it at the bottom of the purchase page in very tiny font. I am somewhat borderline when it comes to what I think and feel about the product after reading the reviews.

Buying Synagen Iq

So, this is where they kind of lost me. Honestly, after reading over the website, reviewing the 2 ingredients, and reading some of the more honest comments I was ready to order. Unfortunately though, you cannot find the product anywhere except for the official website. Not only that, it is available through their free trial.

To purchase this product you go through their free trial offer which is that you pay $4.97 for shipping and handling. You receive a 30 day supply (and this is where the confusion comes) but unfortunately you have only 10 days to try the product. You must call to cancel your free trial before these 10 days are over or else you will be charged for the full price of the bottle which is $139.97. Remember, these are 10 days from the day you order not the day you receive the product. You need to call and receive instructions about returning the rest of the bottle. Also, you are enrolled in their auto-ship program which means that if you do not call and cancel before the 10 day trial you are enrolled automatically and will continue to receive a new 30 day supply every month and will be charged $139.97 plus shipping and handling accordingly.

In Conclusion….

I wasn’t ready to pay $139.97, just too much money for me. So I tried the product for the 10 day trial to see the results. Usually I don’t go for these types of trials because I have been scammed numerous times before and charged absurd amounts of money. But I made sure I made my purchase via the phone rather than through the website direct (found the number in the terms and conditions) and this way I was able to test the customer service, which to my surprise was actually pretty great. I can’t say that I was overwhelmed by the product. It certainly has plenty of benefits and though it did touch upon nearly each one it wasn’t mind blowing. Though I don’t think it can really meet all of the expectations which the official website has led you to believe as it is definitely quite exaggerated, I do feel that it is effective and I do feel more focused, concentrated, and had great dreams while I took it. Unfortunately Synagen Iq is a bit out of my budget per month and though I do think it was effective I cannot say that I will continue using it.

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