Online Buying Guide for Lapis Lazuli Beads

Do you know what lapis lazuli beads are?  Well, these are mankind’s most treasured gemstones made into beads.  Are you wondering where the name came from?  The first word, “lapis”, is Latin for stone and the second word, “lazuli” stemmed from Arabic word “lazula” or blue.  These are blue gemstones and most of the world’s supply of lapis lazuli stones comes from the mountains of Afghanistan. The lapis lazuli beads are used in popular crafts such as décor and jewelry making.

If you are into crafting jewelry and most of your designs call for incorporation of lapis lazuli beads, then it’s likely that you should focus on buying these as discount beads online. Yes, that’s right.  I mentioned “online”. While local bead stores can also be good sources for beads, buying them today is not just as simple as walking inside the store and picking a strand.  The internet allows more people to buy and sell nearly everything through online businesses from either their homes or offices.

Buying online is the easiest and most comfortable way of finding discount beads including lapis lazuli beads for your craft projects. However, online purchasing does not give you the opportunity to touch, feel and see the beads actually.  So, to be able to make your task of buying beads online a satisfactory and fruitful shopping experience, look at some list of ideas below.

Read the item description very carefully.  The reason is because lapis lazuli beads and other discount beads, when viewed through the computer screens, loom larger than life. When your shipment arrives, it’s only then that you realize they are not actually what you expected. What caused this? It’s a high chance that you did not read the description of the item, especially the size.

Find out from the seller about the treatments undergone by their lapis lazuli beads that you are considering buying. If they are really good and honest vendors, they will not hesitate to offer you information about the heat treatments, wax or resin injections. You should also be informed whether the stone is a natural or man-made gemstone or a combination of the two. The genuine gemstones are also graded according to quality, which starts at A or AAA which means it is of the highest quality stones and are suited to use in fine jewelry.  The grade D represents flawed surface, weak colors and irregular shapes in these discount beads.

Always check the seller’s reputation and transaction history.  Some large beads and crafts websites on the internet offer great choices for people looking for discount beads, including the lapis lazuli beads. Before making a final purchase, one important step for you to take is to check the vendor’s reputation.  It is not a big deal to see a single complaint or two about that vendor, but seeing more and more negative comments from previous customers will make you think ten times before buying from them.

Lastly, the company’s terms of purchase for lapis lazuli beads should be mutually acceptable to you and the store. Know the store’s policies for refunds and returns, in case you are not satisfied with the delivery that you received for discount beads.