Varietyland Launches New Vegetable Slicer To Revolutionise Healthy Dieting

Innovative vegetable pasta slicer set to change the way we eat fruit and vegetables.

Varietyland announce the official release of The Very Healthy Spiral Slicer, an innovative piece of kitchen equipment that makes slicing and eating raw vegetables easier and more convenient. The handheld tool makes spaghetti-like spirals out of vegetables in a matter of moments.

The Very Healthy Spiral Slicer is designed to promote healthy eating and the company behind the tool expects it to be used most commonly by vegetarians, vegans and general vegetable lovers. A spokesman for Varietyland also suggested that it provides an excellent way to get children excited about fruit and vegetables, and to effectively introduce more of these healthy foods into their diet.

Recent years have seen nationwide campaigns calling for the promotion and awareness of healthy eating in order to tackle obesity and related illnesses both in adults and children. The Very Healthy Spiral Slicer is just one kitchen tool intended to help tackle the crisis. Through creating long spirals of vegetables similar to spaghetti, it makes it easy to replace pasta in meals and succeed in a variety of diets including low-carb, paleo, vegan and gluten-free.

The Spiral Slicer provides a quick and convenient alternative to the more traditional methods of cutting and slicing vegetables. The tool features two blades for different thickness options, can be used straight out of the box, and does not require batteries to operate. The design of the slicer promotes ease of use and the compact size of the device minimises the required storage space.

It is widely believed that the fun and colourful results produced by the spiral slicer will appeal to children. It is essentially a subtle way to introduce vegetables into a meal in a form that won't immediately be recognised as a vegetable.

The Very Healthy Spiral Slicer is now available exclusively from with a 20% discount coupon available direct from Amazon provides a reliable platform, from which customers can feel confident about purchasing from a trusted source. Varietyland itself also offers comprehensive customer support and a full satisfaction guarantee.