Rapid Charging Battery Technology

Standard Battery Charging usually takes hours given the condition of the current technologies. The HRC – or Rapid Battery Charging is a technology based on a 40+ year researched and developed science by a brilliant scientist that duplicates “Mother Natures’ Physics” to recharge an ‘off the shelf’ battery in less than 2 minutes with no heat and no oxidation to the battery cells.

This innovative technology and ground breaking science uses a unique frequency formulation.

This rapid battery charging can be applied to mobile phones, rechargeable batteries, laptops, electric vehicles, Power tools and many other technologies.

This breakthrough innovation inspired by Mother Nature’s Physics, will revolutionize all sectors of the battery charging technology market. There are other organisations that claim similar technology; however, the fundamental difference here is that the HRC technology is achieved by applying the science to current battery technologies and not re-inventing the wheel by developing a new battery technology. HRC will be priced well under $20 and will definitely be the game changer for all devices and technologies seeking a ‘Rapid Green’ source to recharge batteries.

Their current prototype charges a 9v Nickel Metal Hydride & Nickel Metal Cadmium Batteries are charged under two minutes at 150mAh with no heat to the battery cells. Current technology that demands at least 12 to 14 hours of overnight charging in a fully discharged state using a standard wall battery charger. This technology is circa 40% more efficient than current consumer battery charges on the market. Laboratory testing has yielded a circa 92.453% charging efficiency, with further R&D to achieve 99% efficiency. Meaning this technology will charge our consumables within seconds.

The HRC – Rapid Battery Charging demonstration was recently held at the Global Entrepreneur Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2013 . The technology also earned further credibility through a prominent Malaysian Government Agency known as Platcom Ventures.

HRC Investor Brief –

PlaTCOM Ventures Sdn Bhd is the National Technology Commercialization Platform of Malaysia . It is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) formed in collaboration with SME Corporation Malaysia under one of its six High Impact Programs.

“Our technology proves to be of extreme worth for the rural masses where they constantly face power cuts and need to utilize the available technology sources in the best manner.”

“Due to the HRC technology’s obvious efficiency, therefore it consumes 40% less energy during a standard charge cycle as compared to current technology. To put this in perspective, just imagine the energy consumption by everyone in the world charging their mobile phones over night? The numbers are staggering especially in relation to the energy being consumed and how much we are able to save and cut down on the unneeded energy consumption through the HRC’s efficiency, this is where we can make an immediate impact on climate change.”

Says Co-Founder and CTE, Jamie Robinson

“This innovative technology has given birth to an innovative business model, further developing the concept of ‘COOP’ (cooperative) and of ‘open source’ think tanks of global citizens to make this a global reality. Currently thousands of average individuals, organizations, institutes, Universities, scientists, technology enthusiast, climate change advocates, entrepreneurs, Business men/women, Philanthropic Renewable Energy Investors from all cultures are needed to bring this to the global masses. We are based out of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia being Institutes Global headquarters for further R&D, IP and global manufacturing.”

Mr. Robinson is currently implementing funding, research and development arrangements for formalized blueprints to achieve mass distribution of the HRC Technology in all sectors of battery technologies, globally.

To know more about HRC – Rapid Battery Charging and discuss how you can assist, you can contact the Co-Founders directly or visit their website

To view live 2 minute HRC Technology demonstration visit: HRC YOUTUBE- DEMO

View a Demonstration at the Kuala Lumpur Global Entrepreneur Summit 2013


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