New York City, New York. Affluent Wealth International was borne out of a consuming desire to set the financial record straight regarding the state of our economy relative to businesses and corporations in America.  We’ve all been fed a bill of goods about the economy being better for some time now, but how much better is it really?  The Fed is hinting pretty loudly that an interest rate hike is around the corner.  A whole lot of indicators in our own personal lives don’t project that “feel good, economy’s doing better” sense.  As a result, having a complete, accurate assessment of your business/personal financial health has never been more necessary.  You can’t be a winning participant in a game where the rules were never shared with you and the very wealthy have always operated within their own set of rules.  Affluent Wealth International was created to fill a huge void, one that levels the playing field and allows the rest of us to reap the same rewards as the wealthy. That kind of knowledge deserves to be shared with anyone who’d like to secure their financial future.  Affluent Wealth International provides the means to do just that.

At Affluent Wealth International they teach the unspoken language of wealth.  Simply stated, that means the treasure trove of knowledge available via Affluent Wealth International cannot be obtained anywhere else.  Neither your bankers nor your attorneys or CPAs know how to keep your business safe and your assets completely protected.  This kind of information is only available to those who are or have been very wealthy, and though the founder of Affluent Wealth International has been exposed to severely hard times, he has also been counted among the very rich.  During his journey he paid close attention to every mistake and figured out a way to counter it.  That kind of information isn’t available in a Master’s class or in an institutional setting.  Their superior vantage point in keeping your finances secure not only for today but for the future as well is one of the most valuable series of lessons you can learn.  Affluent Wealth International’s clients don’t think out of the box.  They are taught to “smash the box” which is precisely what the wealthy do every day.  Unconfined by what is “normal” they enjoy the benefits of being rich and knowing that their money is not going to be seized upon or disappear.  This is Affluent Wealth International’s mission and reason for being.

Affluent Wealth International considers itself the premier educator (and the only one of its kind) of business owners anxious to take the next step into the stratosphere of wealth, not fearfully, but with the knowledge required to cement their place there.  Individual consulting sessions, classes, best selling books authored by its founder, and other audio/visual materials comprise some of what Affluent Wealth International provides to the normal person who wants to be rich.  Direct inquiries to Affluent Wealth International, Inc.