Know your town? Share its jewels with others

USA, March 17, 2014: “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time”, are golden words from T.S.Elliot.

One privilege that the internet has given us is to share with the world about good and bad experiences. Guidelet aims at forming a community of local guides, who will post “mini-guides” about a place, club, restaurant, hotel or resort that they know well. Each mini-guide is specified to a group of people those suggestions would appeal to, for e.g., would honeymooners enjoy the place or is it perfect for a 25th anniversary celebration?

This website is perfect not only for those who want to post their reccomendations, but for travellers. Even if one is on the lookout for just a restaurant to eat at, being armed with suggestions of local experts only helps.

So go ahead, be a “guide” to someone’s travel!

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About Guidelet   

Guidelet is a an online firm started by Cristiano Nogueira, a travel writer located in Rio, with the idea of helping people out in regards to travel issues, like places to eat, party and stay in. They aim at building small “guides” for travel across the globe, with places if interest for people across different walks.

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