How Does The Cloud Impact on CAD?

The cloud storage services has been in use for many years in CAD sector. These services have been used mainly for storage and file sharing, while the CAD software remains locally-stored on company servers.

Recently there have been a more general move towards cloud-based software, and CAD programs bear no exception. More software leaders are moving towards innovative fully cloud-based software. This says CAD is now available in-browser and no download is required.

Several current leading CAD software businesses have already launched cloud-based software,as per reports.

Onshape is the most remarkable developer of cloud-based CAD. They are proudly the first full-cloud 3D CAD application. This means that there is no downloads and no updates….. everything is in the cloud. You can even download the Onshape app, that says you can now make edits on-the-go.

Long the big winner of desktop-based CAD software, Autodesk too is making a mark into cloud-based programs. Previously there was AutoCAD 2017, and later it embraced SaaS (Software as a Service) model. Then came in awquence is Fusion 360, but unlike Onshape, this software needs a download.

Whilst these are two of the most notable cloud-based CAD programs, they’re far from the only ones out there. In fact, most CAD software developers are moving more and more towards the cloud.

Business Advantage anticipates a remarkable growth of 164% within the next 5 years for cloud-based CAD applications.

Despite this projected growth, the survey found that the application has a below average importance ranking of 3.8 out of 10.

Cloud-based CAD certainly has capability, particularly in the AEC sector. Onshape founder believes that it is the future of CAD.

So What Is The Cloud Impact on CAD?

It clear that despite its projected growth and growing popularity within the CAD industry, there’s still a lack of confidence for this type of application at the moment.

True that old habits die hard, and many designers yet prefer to continue using software they are most familiar with. Others might have issues with security, or the inability to make off line edits. So conventional CAD is far from dead.

But the cloud-based CAD is growing and with this the possibilities are still becoming clear, and the technology is yet evolving.

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