New Primo 3G Phones Announced by Unlocked Phone Manufacturer Unnecto

When it comes to choosing a cell phone today, small size, fast connection speed and enhanced reliability are the most important factors consumers are considering, and Unnecto’s newest phone, Primo 3G, offers all those benefits and more. Featuring 3G capability, 1 GB of internal storage and up to 32 GB of external storage, the Primo 3G competes with today’s most popular 3G phones but at a fraction of the cost.

“Our goal is to help cell phone users take advantage of all that technology has to offer without forcing them to make a huge financial commitment. The phones we offer are designed to provide a state-of-the-art experience at a price point that’s affordable to everyone. Whether you’re a consumer looking to upgrade or a retailer looking to add a line of phones that customers will want to buy, the Primo 3G is a great choice,” says Daniel Moy, Unnecto’s Technical Manager.

Although its small size means it is compact enough to slip comfortably into a pocket, the Primo 3G phone is packed with big features and big value. Like Unnecto’s wildly popular Primo phone, the Primo 3G is unlocked and features dual SIM technology, which means users can select two separate carriers, making it an ideal phone for business and traveling.

Unnecto Technical Manager Daniel Moy says the Primo 3G was specifically designed to accommodate users from all walks of life, from casual phone users who rely on cell phone technology to keep in touch with family and friends, to data-heavy users who like to browse online while they are on the go, to business owners who rely on the phone’s dual SIM feature to avoid having to carry separate phones for business and personal use. Like Unnecto’s entire lineup of GSM phones, the Primo 3G is unlocked, which means users aren’t tied into a specific carrier.

“Our engineers and designers—and the whole Unnecto team—are dedicated to the belief that every person should have access to the phone and features they want without being forced into costly, long-term commitments,” Moy said. “The Primo 3G is a reflection of our own commitment to offer phones that feature the most advanced technology so users can communicate on their own terms.”

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