ClearVoice Unveils a Content Marketplace and New Intelligence Tools

PHOENIX, Sept. 10, 2015 — ClearVoice, a content marketing platform and service solution, recently unveiled a "Creators Marketplace" and a set of content intelligence tools as part of its end-to-end content solution. ClearVoice bridges the gap between brands and content creators, fostering collaboration and enabling scalable content production. Companies can plan, recruit, create, distribute and measure all within a single platform.

Creators Marketplace: Conduct a casting call to find and hire the right match for any campaign. Receive qualified matches, review creators and choose the best fit. Companies can favorite creators or block creators from future casting calls, and companies always set their own price for content. Additionally, all freelancer payments can be handled via the platform. 

Content Intelligence Tools: The ClearVoice index analyzes billions of data points to identify the most influential content creators and their respective published works. It is the most comprehensive index online.

  • Content - Discover what’s trending around any keyword or topic. Sort by social shares, filter by recency and create concepts.
  • Influencers - Find authoritative creators on any topic. Search by name, keyword or publication and create lists.

“ClearVoice offers a scalable solution for building and growing relationships and creating quality content with efficiency," said ClearVoice co-founder Jay Swansson. "We’re not just lowering, but removing all barriers of entry for companies and creators of all types." 

ClearVoice co-founder Joe Griffin added, “We recognized that creators, consumers and brands are going through big changes. ClearVoice was developed to help connect the content ecosystem. We believe we’re in the early stages of a major evolution in the business of content." 

Companies can use Marketplace and the platform by signing up for a free account. Experience a live demo here.  Learn more at



About ClearVoice: ClearVoice is a leading software and services company in the content marketing space. The company's proprietary technology powers an end-to-end content production platform and content intelligence tools. Powering connections and collaboration in the new content economy, ClearVoice also operates a creators marketplace. ClearVoice is a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz. 

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