Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel will establish a new source of revenue to help fund coral reef restoration technology for Planet Ocean

Scarlet Tindle, 6th July 2014, Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is fabricating the world's first underwater luxury hotel, to be installed in Key West, and a percentage of profits will allocated to funding for emergency coral reef restoration around the planet.

When Tony Webb, Managing Director for the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, takes on a project it must have the principles and values to give back and help our Planet Ocean. He began with such principles over forty years ago when he was the youngest Agency owner in the world for Exxon Office Systems Company, competing against IBM, Wang and Lanier for the dedicated word processing market. Tony personally funded a 13 year space tourism project. Not many people have personally sponsored a private space mission to the Moon. Tony is proud of being the major sponsor for his international Google Lunar X-Prize team SYNERGY MOON. He then went from OUTER to an INNER space tourism project.

Using his self-made education and forty years of high tech entrepreneurial efforts, he quickly assembled a team of the best engineers, fabricators and manufacturers in Florida to build the underwater hotel. This unique architectural design prototype (USPTO Patent Pending) will be tested on private property near Key West. During the testing phase the world public will be informed of our on-going efforts.

When the prototype efforts are proven successful, the entire underwater hotel will be fabricated at the nation's most advanced tank fabrication facilities, placed on an ocean going barge and shipped from Tampa to Key West.

Governments have ignored the marine biologists' on-going warnings about the severe loss of coral reefs, failed to educate their citizens, and the result is our coral reefs are ALL dying. Today it is estimated that 60% of the coral reefs are dead and most of the remaining 40% are dying.

Tony searched for the world's best coral reef restoration technology, and found it in BiorockĀ® Technology. Invented by the late Prof. Wolf Hilbertz and Dr. Tom Goreau, this revolutionary technology allows corals to grow many times faster than conventional methods, and to resist environmental stresses that would otherwise kill them. As a result entire coral reefs can be kept alive when they would die from high temperatures, and restored in a few years in places where there has been no natural recovery. Literally this technology is our best hope to help save Planet Ocean from impending worldwide coral reef extinction.

Approximately 100 yards off the coast of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea in Southeast Florida there is a new Biorock coral reef that has now has the highest live coral cover in Florida. This provides visible proof that BioRock works in Florida, just as in hundreds of reef restoration projects all around the world.

Because of massive lack of funding to support the building of new coral reef systems in impoverished third world countries and islands, a portion of profits from the Planet Ocean Hotel project will be donated to the Global Coral Reef Alliance, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization working with poor fishing villages around the world to help them restore and maintain their fisheries.

Now is the time for the world to help fund the prototype for Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel.

Years ago, Lee Iacocca led the nation to crowdsourcing to restore The Statue of Liberty, and $200 million was raised. Through generous support from the public, Lady Liberty stands majestically renewed in New York harbor.

We are seeking funding though the Indiegogo crowdsourcing fundraising Internet platform, because venture capitalists, banks, and investors lacked the vision to restore coral reefs, and none took the time to listen. Now we are turning to the people and if the people want this then the people will have it.

Now there is another person who can and will make a difference and that is YOU. For as little as $10.00 you can show your support or purchase other Indiegogo perks at the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel page. All of our world-wide work is 100% dependent on your support.


Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is based in the beautiful Florida Keys. The brain-child of the world's only space tourism organization dedicated to unique travel adventures for the everyday person - Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel now has a mission to provide a luxury underwater experience for our underwater guests and help establish a new source of funding for coral reef restoration. The world's leading coral reef restoration technology marine scientist desires to visit our Key West location in August to swim our testing location. Invest today at, go there now and get one step closer to the next chapter in undersea exploration/tourism.

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Company Name: Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel
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Phone: (321) 266-4321
Address: 1200 4th Street, Suite # 160
City: Key West
State: FL
Country: United States
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