Book on how to design better homes for better Living – “Do I Look Skinny in this house?”

Celebrity interior designer Kelli Ellis recently wrote “Do I look skinny in this house?” How to feel great in your home using Design Psychology. The main aim of the book is to help individuals to Design better homes for better Living.

A home is a little world in itself with near and dear ones sharing the space and there is nothing more pleasant and exemplary than going to a place called home after a tiring day. To help more people create happy homes that promote joy, comfort and even better health, celebrity interior designer Kelli Ellis recently penned “Do I look skinny in this house?”

The book focuses on all the easy through which individuals can turn their home into a happy comfortable place by using different methods of design psychology “Do I look skinny in this house?” can also be interpreted as “Do I look great in this house?” and that is exactly what the book is going to make people feel in a short period of time.

Making your home a heaven is more than just paint, fabric and accessories. What really matters is how you feel in your home. You can only feel your best when you use the easy to follow and step by step design psychology strategies in this book. The book explains the key principles of function flow and feels as well as tips for turning homes into havens.

All orders can be through  Amazon from  April 8, when the book will first available, All orders placed on April 8 , will also receive “How to choose the Perfect Color Palette” From Emmy Award Winning colorist Amy Wax of Color 911.

Chapters on color therapy, light therapy, the importance of scent, quick fix tips, budgeting, trends and bringing the natural work inside are all to help readers design intentionally and create their ultimate spaces, whether for work or for pleasure. Ellis also authored the Design Psychology Coach Certification program that is available through the Spencer Institute at which inspired her to write “Do I look skinny in this house?”

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Kelli Ellis is an award winning internationally known celebrity Interior Designer and Design Psychology Expert. Kelli splits time as an author, brand ambassador, educator, life coach, speaker, professional blogger and on camera Designer. She is a featured designer on TC’s “Clean Sweep”, HGTV’s “Takeover My Makeover” and Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Orange County.” She is the resident design expert for and spokesperson for the Society of American Florists. She also educates designers from all across the world through live seminars and the online Design Campus.


Kelli Ellis