Trevor the Trashman drops "Billionaire Prince God" single

The latest single from Trevor the Trashman, "Billionaire Prince God" features production from his longtime friend Mohdalsoul. A part of the Los Angeles based collective known as Feed The Planes, Mohdalsoul also lend his vocals on the track's hook. Rapper Green Sllime, an original member of The Wiggidies Crew from Trevor's hometown of Chicago also premieres on the track. You can check it out at

Trevor on Billionaire Prince God:

This song is a glimpse into more of a filthy, grimy side that I haven't shown on my other releases on this album. The concept of Billionaire Prince God to me is like shunning the culture of balling surrounding hip hop and pop music because they're not doing it right. To me I look at the way people spend money like be more creative. You should be saving up for that submarine. So on the one hand I'm shunning people, but I'm also sort of bragging myself. My verse takes shots at Al Roker, Guy Fieri, King Tutenkamen, and Banksy, while paying respects to James Gandolfini.

"...My billionaire prince god lifestyle, Way too advanced for you simple simons/
Now simon didn't say to stop so if you got it flaunt it do not hide it in the Caman Islands."

About Trevor the Trashman

Born and raised in Chicago, Trevor the Trashman began writing rhymes at the age of 12. In high school he met fellow classmate Benny Nice and began recording songs in his basement, under the name Philosopher Stone. Eventually The Wiggidies Crew was formed. With 8 core members and frequent guests, they recorded hundreds of songs from 2004-2008.

Since then Trevor the Trashman has relocated from Chicago to Brooklyn. Trevor’s album Hell Yeah I Want It All showcases his maturity as an artist. For this album Trevor worked extensively with established producers like ASAP Mob’s P on The Boards, Nate Fox, Milo, The Vamp, and Roca Beats to cultivate a unique sound that allows him to shine lyrically. His last project,Embrace The Weird (2013) was an EP featuring the popular track, “Love You Down.”