Zatun Game Studio Leads the Way in Provision of Game Art Outsourcing

Over the past few months, Zatun Game Studio has been making concerted efforts to reinforce its video game studio located in India. The efforts that kicked off at the beginning of this year have been aimed at strengthening the game art outsourcing department and has included investing in state-of-the-art graphic design applications and hiring of new talent to take care of the game art outsourcing projects that have been on an increase since the beginning of the year.

Speaking during the announcement, the company media spokesperson said that investors looking to invest in games could now outsource artwork to Zatun Game Studio.

“Zatun has hired new talent and invested in state-of-the-art graphic design applications that make it one of most advanced game artwork providers in the world. The company can now comfortably handle 3D outsourcing among other game art outsourcing services,” the company’s spokesperson said.

Clients who already outsource artwork with the video game studio for their artwork praised the quality of graphics that Zatun is able to deliver and termed the recent reinforcements to the company’s game art outsourcing department the best thing to happen this year.

Zatun handles artwork for games developed for different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows 8, Flash and Facebook games. The company also offers bespoke solutions for clients looking to outsource game art for video games in other platforms.

With the the new graphic design applications and personnel Zatun promises that particular care will be paid to ensure that the the graphics are of high resolution and that they reflect the main concept carried by the game.

“Zatun designs every piece of artwork to attract the end user and make them want to find what lies inside the artwork. Clients who outsource artwork to us can attest to the high quality and creative concepts that Zatun is able to come up with,” the company spokesperson added.

Zatun is also the first video game studio to offer innovative and timely 3D outsourcing services in India. The company has the technology and the personnel to handle every aspect of 3D outsourcing designs. Clients looking to outsource artwork to Zatun have been assured of timely delivery on all their orders.

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