Professional Piano lessons offered by the Rena's Music Studio

United States of America; 5th July,2014: The budding pianists can only make a mark when they get proper tutorial and guidance under a qualified and experienced piano instructor. Piano is a heritage musical instrument and knowing to play piano is in fact credit-worthy. Receiving training under a professional helps the learners to bring out their best creative skills from within themselves. Piano, or any other form of music for that matter, is a language which the learner must absorb in order to excel in it. This can only be ensured in the presence of a trained professional who can instruct and offer tutelage for taking exams. Rena is a piano teacher from Toronto offering lessons in Piano. The lessons are imparted to those who are interested in taking the RCM ARCT exams. The music teacher offers lessons in all RCM levels which include both theory and piano for certificate. Non RCM classes are also available for private piano lessons to children aged five and above.

The music teacher holds a certificate for RCM performance besides having an honorable degree to her name by the University of McMaster. She has been offering affordable piano lessons since over a decade. She imparts lessons in musical appreciation, music expression, and technical training. There are a number of students who want to learn pop songs and classics. The students and learners who are interested in having RCM music certificates are also given exam preparation courses. The teaching technique owned by the Toronto music teacher includes good ear training, playing technique, understanding the language of music, and note reading. It is made sure that the students enjoy the art of learning music. The music teacher offers lessons to students in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill and Scarborough. Other areas include North York, East York, and Etobicoke.

The system of RCM examination had introduced by Royal Conservatory of Music. It is a certificate program helping the learners of music to have careers in music. The students are given music certificates when they have passed the examination. RCM certificates for seventh and eighth grade can be claimed to be high school eleventh and twelfth grade credits. The learners need to have at least one credit in theory for certificate starting from the fifth grade and ending in primary rudiment. The ninth and tenth grade certificates call for theory credited for music history and harmony.

Much depends on the style in which music is taught. The music teacher Toronto adopts special teaching techniques so as to aid in a faster and better progress of the students. The teaching methods are different for different age groups. The teaching is focused mainly on aspects like note reading and rhythmic skills. Study plans are offered to each student showing when they would be eligible to finish a grade or take RCM ARCT exams.

About Rena's Music Studio:

Rena's Music Studio offers a quality lessons in piano to the learners who are interested in taking the RCM ARCT exams. Classes are also held for learners who take lessons for fun. For details visit the website.