Fire Label Offers Re-labelling Options and Garment Finishing Services

[Worcester, 1/17/2014] – Fire Label, a leading online wholesale supplier of garments and other apparel,strengthens their already remarkable re-labelling options and garment finishings in order to accommodate diverse client demands. The company takes extra steps to arrange a variety of selections for their clients in an effort to achieve higher levels of satisfaction.

Woven Labels

The company manufactures high-street quality damask weave polyester labels for their re-labelling services. Damask labels are used specifically to cope with high levels of detail in the design.This material allows looms to weave six different colours into the design, including the background colour.

Fire Label creates their woven labels by first inputting the client's chosen image or design into a program, which converts it into a DST file.The program plots the stitch pattern for the embroidery machines, and communicates the design to the loom that weaves the pattern onto the label. The company can work with most image files, but text is recommended to be at least 10pt, or 3mm high, the higher the quality of the image, the better the results.

Swing Tickets

Fire Label also provides swing tickets as garment finishing for the clothes, useful if clients feel they need to add to their brand identity. Swing Tickets serve the same function as woven labels, except they are much bigger,  and seen more easily.

Swing Tickets are made using 400 gsm board, printed with full colour on both sides, and finished in matte or gloss laminate.The lamination strengthens the card, making it more resistant to wear and tear, as well as making it more attractive.

For Future Orders

Custom labels and swing tickets are made in minimum runs of 500 pieces per order. If there are any leftover pieces after the first order, Fire Label will store them for future orders, free of charge. This enables Clients to save time in the re-order process; they will be advised in plenty of time to re-order tickets and labels when more garment finishings are needed for future use.

About Fire Label

Fire Label is a leading online wholesale supplier of blank and plain T-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, outdoor wear, and corporate wear. The company has over 30 years of experience in textiles, fashion, screen printing, embroidery, garments sales & marketing, brand merchandising, and bespoke manufacturing.

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