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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE has unveiled a unique FG Xpress opportunity. This is an outstanding business opportunity, which does not let you face any market competition with the same product line.

FG Xpress business opportunity introduces a patented power strip, which is basically formulated by combining the advanced technologies and ancient herbal remedies. FG Xpress power strips ingredients are resourced with natural options that offers amazing pain relief. These strips also work amazingly to enhance the look of your skin. People are found to be excited about the concept of this business opportunity. FG Xpress Powerstrips ™ are identified as a class one medical device in the FDA listing.  This business opportunity offers you to earn lucrative amount through five incredible ways with FG Xpress Comp Plan.  This also helps you to gain 50% matching checks for your first generation!

These Powerstrips™ can be sent to 190 countries at a negligible price of mere $4.95. Besides that, there is a huge possibility of organic growth and sampling of these strips. People can be a part of the leadership, marketing and training system of the company, just by joining them. They can also be the prominent part of the power line as well! The company is offering great advantages, during their pre-launch timings, along with an extended support from a decade old, OTC listed company.

According to Jack Eldridge, the CFO, “During 2013, the company achieved $17.7 million in revenue, a 41% increase from the prior year. For 2014, the company initially forecast revenue of $30-$40 million. Based on the results of the first quarter and current growth trends, the company is prepared to increase this previously announced guidance. Currently the company is expecting $41-$50 million in sales for 2014, approximately tripling 2013 sales.”

People seemed to have loved the concept of the unique ideas, introduced by the company. Maria Jones, a regular user, states, “A couple of weeks ago, I injured my lower back. It was an old injury and every now and then it flares up. After extensive travelling and a lot of pain, I was presented with a powerstip. I put the powerstrip patch on the area of pain, and literally the pain immediately started subsiding.  Anyone who has suffered from such pains knows how extreme it can be. I am really thankful to the company for introducing such a wonderful patch for people like me.”

About has introduced great FG Xpress opportunity. This is a unique concept.
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