Capturing Lightning

Lightning Storms are very dangerous, but can be very beautiful to watch at the same time. I was lucky enough to be traveling through Shoshoni WY Sunday evening when this storm was raging about 10 miles to the west of Boysen Reservoir. I was also lucky enough to have my camera and tripod handy!

Quick tip: In order to capture lightning on your camera, you need a sturdy tripod and you can use two methods - 1. continuous shooting 2. video mode

Continuous: I have what is called an "Intervelometer" which is basically a remote control for the camera. This allows me to set the camera to just continually take photos, automatically. Also, you will need to use the longest shutter speed that the exposure will allow.

Video Mode: This one is pretty simple, point the camera at the storm and roll video. The hard part of this is actually pulling still frame images of the lightning from the video afterwards. (this is the method I used on these photos)