New Timbavati Falls exhibit opening at Tiger World

Tiger World is thrilled to announce our latest exhibit for Michael our rare Timbavati White Lion. His new exhibit, Timbavati Falls, opens next Saturday, May 9th at 11:00am. It includes a giant waterfall, stone patio with interactive glass feature and the best seat in the house inside a custom Land Rover. We’ve integrated aspects to the exhibit to give it an African safari feel. For even greater immersion, landscape features are incorporated on both sides of the glass enriching humans and animals.

Timbavati Falls was made possible through our generous donors including: Jim Kavanagh, Sunbelt Rentals Concord, Land Rover Charlotte, Old Carolina Stone, Techo-Bloc, John Deere Landscapes, Artistic Design Landscapes - Paul Farringer, Mike Yurko, James Jaunakais, Deals Glass, KD Fabrication, Safari Thatch, Home Depot and the Tiger World team.

Because Tiger World is not tax funded, guests can feel good knowing their admission is making this unique exhibit and the conservation of Threatened and Endangered species possible. The future of the white lion depends on preservation and education.



Mike McBride Tiger World
Marketing Director or 803 792-7165


About Michael the White Lion

Michael is an extremely rare Timbavati White Lion brought to Tiger World from Africa for his extraordinary genes. White Lions are only found in the Timbavati region of the Kruger National Park in South Africa and are not albinos. They carry a special recessive gene identified as leucism making the skin and fur white. Their eyes appear blue, green or gold, depending on the light with dark paw pads, lips and noses. Michael is a true recessive White lion with both of his parents being the normal color of brown. There are only 500 white lions in captivity around the world and only 11 remain in the wild.

About Tiger World

Tiger World is a non-profit animal conservation center dedicated to rescue, rehabilitation, education and preservation of exotic animals. We are open to the public for educational guided tours in Rockwell, NC.

Tiger World is not a typical Zoo. When visitors come to Tiger World they are personally guided throughout the preserve learning about each animal providing an individual hands on experience. They will see the animals in a natural setting and have the opportunity to observe them running, playing, swimming, eating, and interacting with their handlers.

Our goal is to provide the best environment in captivity for the animals while also providing a stimulating learning environment for visitors. The intimate setting is a great place to bring the family and learn about the animals up close and personally.