Part Luxury Dive Bar, Part Unpretentious Gallery Space: Downtown Houston's neighborhood bar doubles as exhibit space for artist Blue 130

Steve Hannigan said hanging art in his bar, Clutch City Squire, was an easy decision.

"That's a massive grey brick wall. While I love the character of this old building, it begs for a little something to make it pop a bit," he says. "I just wanted to fill it with some really cool pieces of art!"

The challenge for Hannigan was to find a talented artist whose work would complement the unique atmosphere that has come to embody the downtown Houston bar.

Enter Jennifer "Blue 130" Corletto, a mixed-media artist with a background in tattoo, graffiti, comic book and pin-up art.

"I don't like to pigeonhole myself into one theme," Corletto admitted. "But it's mainly strong beautiful women in a fun and whimsical world."

It's easy to see why her style works so well with the hanging dolls and old pinball machines that adorn the rest of the bar.

"I love the atmosphere of Clutch City," Corletto said. "It's the type of place that you just fit in, no matter if you have on a suit or just a ripped t-shirt and jeans. I'm very lucky to have my work in such a cool, laid back space."

Corletto said that she has enjoyed spending time in the neighborhood gathering spot - long before her own art was hung on the walls.

"I like to sit at the bar with my friends and point out all the hidden action figures while listening to amazing music," Corletto said. "It's my favorite place to go downtown."

The artist describes her style as illustrative with textile elements. "I use pencil, ink, aerosol, layered cut outs, metal -- really anything that makes sense for what I'm doing," she said.

Corletto said that moving to Houston has influenced her work.

"My ballpoint pen shading was born here," she said. "It's been a blessing having lived in Jersey, New York and Houston. Each place has given me so much as for molding me into the artist I have become. Since Houston has become such a mecca for fresh talent, I know I have landed in the right place to develop my skills."

Hannigan, who has lived in the city for 21 years, agreed that Houston is the right place for creative types.

"Houston has guts," he said. "Whether artists, entrepreneurs, a combination of the two, or anything in between- people have this work ethic and a daring in this town that is phenomenal. Houston has more than its share of huge personalities and visionaries."

Blue 130 was featured as one of the Houston Press' Top 100 Creatives of 2013. Her website will be completed soon. She can also be found on Facebook at, on Instagram at @blueonethirty and on Twitter at @blue130.

Long-time bartender Steve Hannigan opened Clutch City Squire at 410 Main almost a year and a half ago. The bar has quickly become a favorite neighborhood spot in downtown Houston. For more information about Clutch City Squire's events, follow the bar on Facebook, Twitter at @ClutchCityHTX or by email at