Shenia M. Dancy Hits Amazon Best-Seller List With “Success Today”

Shenia Dancy recently hit two Amazon Best-Seller lists with the new book, “Success Today”

Boston, MA – September 2, 2015 – Shenia Dancy has joined a select group of entrepreneurs from around the world, along with Brian Tracy, to co-author the forthcoming book titled, Success Today: Leading Entrepreneurs and Professionals Share Their Secrets for Health, Wealth and Happiness Today with Nick Nanton, Esq. along with business partner, JW Dicks, Esq., the leading agents to Celebrity Experts® worldwide. The book was released on August 6, 2015.

On the day of release, Success Today reached best-seller status in two Amazon categories - reaching as high as #14 in the category “Direct Marketing,” as well as #73 in “Sales and Selling.” Shenia Dancy contributed a chapter titled “Live Wisely, Love Cautiously, and Laugh Abundantly.”

Shenia, the mother of two sons, has been a successful, no nonsense general practitioner for a quarter of a century.

When she was a little girl in the mid-60s, Shenia moved from Holly Springs, Mississippi to Boston with her large family, which includes six sisters and one brother. Her passion for teaching, coaching and legal counseling was a natural outgrowth of being raised by two educators. She pinpoints the start of her passion for law to age 13, when she would stay up late reading law books of her father’s and those of a judge that previously lived in their home.  Her love for “Perry Mason” growing up inspired her to major in Criminal Justice. 

After majoring in her first love, Criminal Justice at Northeastern University, she achieved the highest grade in her first year Property Law class at Suffolk University Law School, resulting in her earning the American Jurisprudence Award. She launched her career as an attorney with a firm that covered everything from real estate and divorce to high profile murder cases.

When she started her own practice in 1991, Shenia continued in that vein, developing a thriving firm with multiple associates with a wide range of legal services.

CelebrityPress® describes Success Today:

Few topics have been written about as much as SUCCESS. Even among most seriously-discussed subjects like religion and politics, the concept of success plays a critical role. Something just as interesting is that success means different things to each of us. This reflects the individuality that we enjoy. In a commercial context, success is most often measured using the currency of exchange as well as the achievement of goals.

Philosophically, success may even be the attainment of a mental state of satisfaction as a result of your actions or thoughts. Whichever way you look at it, success is a topic of interest to everyone. The PremierExperts® in this book allow you to see their formulas for success, and through their experiences, offer many valuable lessons (including errors to avoid) that are particularly meaningful.

Just as action is an integral part of success, mentoring means a faster rate of achievement. However, despite our changing world, we know that the basic tenets of success remain the same, no matter how fast the pace. The PremierExperts® in Success Today are willing to mentor you. They have lived what it is all about. . . . Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure. ~ Confucius

After such a successful release, Shenia Dancy will be recognized by The National Academy of Best-Selling Authors™, an organization that honors authors from many of the leading independent best-seller lists.

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A portion of the royalties earned from Success Today will be donated to Entrepreneur’s International Foundation, a not for profit organization dedicated to creating unique launch campaigns to raise money and awareness for charitable causes.

About Shenia Dancy:

From 1989-94, while growing her practice, the Mississippi born, Boston raised attorney also taught college night classes in Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Evidence and Courtroom Procedure. She later presented for several years at Family Law seminars for Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (MCLE). Served as a Real Estate Title Agent, a Real Estate Broker, a Commissioner to sell real estate and as a Guardian ad Litem, advocating for children and the elderly in the Probate and Superior Courts. Her other accolades have included two time winner of the Outstanding Young Women of America Award, a Professional Life Coach and a Mediator.   

She was also selected to the Hall of Fame Donors in the renaming of a local elementary school to the Dr. Catherine Ellison-Rosa Parks Early Education School as well as selected as a delegate by the American Trial Lawyers Association to participate in a bilateral exchange with her counterparts in China.

Shenia has a special expertise in family and probate law, and has worked on hundreds of divorces over the years, and has seen the way that it can touch, affect and devastate the lives of the litigants and their children, that’s only part of the motivation behind an exciting and purposeful new multi-faceted venture called Beyond the Bedroom and the Courtroom, LLC. Launched in early 2014.

While she continues fighting passionately for her clients in family law, probate law and other areas in her thriving practice – which recently entered its second quarter century –. She looks forward to the release of her upcoming book (“From the Bedroom to the Courtroom, And Beyond®”).

Shenia is slowly developing this concept as a way to helping people survive divorce. Now that her boys are both in college, she is starting to pursue long put aside dreams. For now, she’s full throttle with her law practice while preparing for the future.

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