Graphene Electronics Market to Grow at a CAGR of 55.54% to 2023 adds report “Graphene Electronics Market: Materials (PV, Electronics); Devices (Supercapacitors, Transistors, Spintronics, Sensors, ICs & Chips, Lenses); Products (Computing, Consumer, Memory, Display); Developments (Nanotubes & Ribbons, Fullerenes) (2013 – 2023)” to its store.

Graphene is an upcoming conducting material with the impending to substitute traditional electrode materials such as Indium tin oxide (ITO) in electrical and optical devices. It coalesce several beneficial characteristics including stumpy sheet resistance, high optical lucidity and exceptional mechanical and physical properties. Latest researches have concurred with increased concern in the application of graphene as an electrode material in transistors, integrated chips, solar cells, nano-intermediates, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), smart packaging and flexible devices. Graphene technology is a next generation big thing for the electronics market. It can be referred as any electronic device or product which uses graphene in their production process to produce graphene materials, graphene devices and products.

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The global graphene technology market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 55.54% from 2013 to 2023. In terms of technology, CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition)process accounted for the largest market revenue in 2013, and expected to grow with CAGR of 53.15% from 2013 to 2023. The industry is also witnessing the spree of other technology mapping such as graphite exfoliation, scotch tape method, synthesis on silicon carbide (SiC) and so on.

This report based on an in-depth research study on the graphene electronics market and its related industries, focuses on the complete global market for all types of graphene technology products which are available commercially and which are yet to commercialize in the near future (before 2023). The report presents a detailed insight on the current graphene electronic industry, and identifies key trends of various segments of the market with in-depth quantitative and qualitative information. The report segments the global graphene electronics market on the basis of types of materials, products and devices, technologies, application, and geography. Further, it contains revenue forecasts, and trend analysis with respect to the market’s time-line. Following is the detailed explanation of each segment:

Market by types of Materials, Products and Devices:

The graphene technology market is divided on the basis of materials, products and devices. The material marketdivided into five major segments viz; Structural Materials, Electronic (Computing, Memory & Storage) Materials, Nanotechnology Materials, Electric & Conducting Materials and Photovoltaic Materials. The device market divided into eight major segments viz; Transistors (FETs & others), Capacitors, Sensors (NEMS & so on) ICs & Chips, Electrodes, Lenses, Spintronics and Pseudo Spintronics. The product market is divided into seven major segments viz; Computing &Consumer Electronic Products, Memory & Storage Products, Display &Touch Products, Wearable Technology Products, Electric & Photovoltaic Products (Solar/PV Cells, Conductive Films & so on), Nanotechnology Products and Other Products (Antennas, RFID, Imaging & so on).

Market by Technology:

The graphene technology market is divided into three major segments viz; CVD (Chemical vapor Deposition), graphite ore and other (synthesis on SiC, Scotch tape method, From CO2and so on) methods. The CVD process is again segmented into thermal and plasma CVD process.

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Market by Applications:

The graphene technology market considers various aspects of application segments and divided into Computing Application Sector, Data Storage Application Sector, Consumer Application Sector, Communications Application Sector, Thermal Management Application Sector, Solar, PV & Green-Tech Application Sector, Sensing Application Sector, Display & Touch Application Sector and Other majorApplication Sectors.

Market by Geography:

The report discusses the graphene electronics market in four major geographical regionsnamely: North America, Europe, Asia–Pacific, and Rest of the World (ROW). Geographical analysis in the report contains the in-depth classification into the U.S. and others for North America, U.K., Germany, and others for Europe, and China, Japan, South Korea, India, and others for Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, the Middle East, and others in ROW.

The report also identifies the drivers, restraints, opportunities, current market trends, winning imperatives, and burning issues of the global graphene electronics market. Apart from the market segmentation, the report also includes the critical market data and qualitative information for each products type along with qualitative analysis such as Porter’s five force analysis, market time-line analysis, market investment analysis, industry breakdown analysis and value chain analysis.

Key Take Aways:

In this report, the global Graphene technology market is fully segmented into the following categories and the industry trends are also covered, by the following aspects:

  • Total Markets: Global Graphene Technology Market – Product Market, Child/Sub-Markets, Related Markets, Complementary Markets (with sub-segmentation), Total Addressable Market (TAM) and Market Penetration of Graphene technology.
  • Child/Sub Markets: Material Market in Graphene technology, Products &Devices Market in Graphene technology.
  • Related Markets: Market for Graphene materials, market for carbon nano-tubes technology, market for graphite technology, market for Gaseous & Atomic Hydrocarbon Technology and market for Fullerenes.
  • Market by Applications: Industry Vertical-based Market Analysis, Computing Applications, Consumer Electronics Applications, Data Storage Applications, Communication Applications, Structural Material & Composite applications and so on.
  • Market by Geography: North America (sub-segmentation by the U.S. & others), Europe (sub-segmentation by U.K., Germany and others), Asia-Pacific (sub-segmentation by China, Japan, South Korea, India and others), and Rest of the Word (sub-segmentation by Latin America, the Middle East and others).
  • Market – Competitive Landscape: Market share analysis separately for Graphene technology products manufacturers, Graphene technology material manufacturers and Graphene technology developers.
  • Market- Patent Landscape Analysis: Patent Activity, Publication Activity and Mapping & Analysis.

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