Description about all core advantages of the LED showcase lights

USA – When it refers to the advantages of applying the LED showcases lights and other LED Chip:Cree , these good points could not be easily described by only few words and sentence. However, in order to help each client know more about the remarkable features of LED showcase lights, editor from famous America LED lighting products supplier Go Green Lighting USA. Inc wrote this article to describe all of the related information.

The first advantage of the LED showcase lights should be its high lighting efficiency. The Luminous efficiency of this sort of LED lighting product has been more than 100 lm /Watt. As LED spectrum almost all concentrate in the visible light spectrum, the lighting efficiency of this products is far greater than that of the incandescent light efficiency, energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps.

Secondly, the lighting quality of LED lights is much higher than other traditional lamps. Since there are no ultraviolet and infrared lights in the LED lights, so there is no heat and radiation and people¡¯s eyes will not be given the burden by these adversely lights and other objects will not be faded by the illuminating.

Thirdly, the low power light have very good ability of color displaying. Compared with traditional fluorescent lamps, LED showcase lights have very high index of color displaying, which is usually around 80. So, the illuminated objects by the LED lights have better color rendering.

Fourthly, the low maintenance costs should be another good point for the LED showcase lights. As we all know, LED lighting products commonly have long service life and the life of luminous flux half-life could be more than 50,000. The normal using time of LED lights should be more than 30 years. On the other hand, LED showcase lights also have very high resistance of shock and vibration and the situation of retirement seemed unlikely.

On the other hand, the LED showcase lights only occupy very small room which could let it become more suitable to many different kinds of counter . As its small size, people can also install different sorts of arm so that the lamp light changing will be very variously.

At last, LED lamp for counter displaying using is very environmentally friendly. The broken LED showcase lights could be easy to be recycled and there is no pollution like the fluorescent lamps which contain mercury components.

From here, each client may get enough information about the strong points of the LED showcase lights. For more information, please visit official website of Go Green Lighting to get more details.

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