Global Bluetooth Beacon Devices Market Report Review, 2016-2020

Report : Global Bluetooth Beacon Devices Market 2016-2020 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack.

Report Outline: Bluetooth beacon devices are developed with BLE technology. BLE version 4.0 was the first version used for developing Bluetooth beacons. The BLE technology standard for beacons was introduced by Apple for the first time in September 2013. Apple launched its beacon technology under the brand name iBeacon in October 2013. In mid-2015, Google and Microsoft also developed beacon technology standards: Eddystone and Microsoft 10. These different beacon technology standards support three different smartphone operating systems. iBeacon supports iOS; Eddystone supports Android; and Microsoft 10 supports Windows.

For detailed report with TOC, please click here ​Global Bluetooth Beacon Devices Market 2016-2020.

Market Growth: The global Bluetooth beacon devices market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 222.8% by volume during the period 2016-2020.

Key vendors: 
• PLUS Location Systems (BlueCats)
• Blue Sense Networks 
• Estimote
• General Electric 
• Gelo
• Glimworm Beacons
• Onyx Beacon 
• PayPal 
• Sensorberg 
• Qualcomm (Gimbal)

Regions Covered:

• Americas

Companies Mentioned

PLUS Location Systems (BlueCats), Blue Sense Networks, Estimote, General Electric, Gelo, Glimworm Beacons,, Onyx Beacon, PayPal, Sensorberg, Qualcomm (Gimbal).


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