Lyricist Malachite releases football-themed The Starting XI mixtape

The new mixtape is themed around the starting lineup of a football team using the nature of each player’s position to reflect the title of each track, its lyrics, and overall meaning of the song. "The Starting XI” (Original’s) is now available at with the first single “Left Back” now available on iTunes."

A creative blend of hip hop fueled with the passion for football (also known as soccer) lead Malachite to the timely creation of a truly one-of-a-kind project.
The 12-track mixtape contains five sampled promotional-based songs that compliment his uniquely styled lyrics. It also features seven all-original songs written by Malachite and produced by Iceburg.

“The Starting XI” features a series of other emerging artists such as Australian rapper Cri$i$ Mr. Swagger, ShenFM (South Africa), and Toronto based artist John and Angélique.

Malachite on The Starting XI:

“This is certainly the best body of work in my life as a musician. When the concept came to mind I was hesitant to execute it. I thought it was a flawless idea but was concerned that it might not be received well by people who weren’t football fans. After discussing it with my manager, we figured you can’t go wrong when you do organic passion projects. Music & football are significant passions in my life and I believe the project reflects that effectively. I wanted to do something unique and execute it well; it’s the only way to stand out in a saturated market. I feel this project is a creative and unique reflection of who I am. I intend for my brand and all future projects to carry that out forever.

The creative process was easy. In doing what you love the inspiration comes easy, quickly and naturally. Each song completed week by week flowed out as if it was placed in front of me and I just had to pick it up. I had played a lot of football socially in 2013 and that aided in inspiration to my lyrics and the creative theme. I also play FIFA on Playstation religiously which inspired more creative ideas. I did a lot of research about the sport to fine tune certain aspects and ideas. It helped that European football season was at its height at the time the project started because I could draw from live events and apply them to the song’s respectively.

I feel that there is a significant connection between sports and life. Life is sometimes compared to a race; overcoming challenges can be compared to climbing a mountain. It is no surprise that physical training can strengthen you mentally and positively affect other areas of your life. I wanted the songs to express that connection through the lyrics and the meaning behind the songs.  I am essentially using football as a metaphor for life.

It must be pointed out that the project actually tells a story of my past 7 years. My brand creates great hip hop music that stays true to me, the culture & reality. I feel a lot of people will relate & connect with many (if not all) of the tracks. A lot of good and bad experiences in my life are celebrated in every song. This is just the kick off.”

 “The Starting XI” is a truly unique concept in its own right. The conceptual meanings behind each track taps into truth and reality if you listen close enough. Aside from the new mixtape Malachite will be performing on the Coast 2 Coast Live tour in Toronto on Tuesday, May 20, 2014 at Wrongbar located at 1279 Queen Street, West Toronto at 9pm. Additionally he’s in the process of completing the first official music video for the single “Left Back” which will be available on YouTube.

About Malachite

Born Henry Busili on the 3rd of July, Malachite has been a musician ever since his teenage years. It was no surprise this would be the future path of a child whose father was also a musician in a band at one point. Ironically, Henry did not like music as a child and constantly fought with his sister who was very much into pop culture; little did they know that music was a sleeping giant inside waiting to be awakened.

A notable song that broke his unusual dislike of music was Regulate by Warren G featuring Nate Dogg. For some reason he was captivated by the song and opened his eyes to the possibility that the hip hop genre might be the right type of music for him. Eventually branching off into the hip hop genre and finding a home there, he increased his listening base by studying more rappers, one in particular who became his favourite at the time. Eminem.

Although hip hop was his chosen home, he eventually became a lover of music in general. Open to almost all genres and having diverse favourites such as Dido, Coldplay, Norah Jones, Blink 182 and more. He discovered exceptional talent in poetry, rhyme and writing in his English classes. Such gifts alongside his newfound passion for music gave birth to a dream of musical success at the highest level that would follow him for the rest of his life.

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