Discover How Online Merchants Can Benefit From Co-Branded Cards From Credocard

Switzerland, January 15, 2014 - Are you an online entrepreneur looking to make it big on the web by offering a wide range of products to customers at competitive rates? In the midst of all the cut throat competition in the market, there is one edge that you can provide your business with, that can make or break its future – co branded cards. Visit to check out how online merchants can benefit from their co-branded card and customizedprograms.

Need an alternative to keep your business name established in the minds of your customers? Credocard is the number one payment processing platform that can help you in establishing your brand in the market and providing them with a secure format of making payments in an expedite manner. There really cannot be a better way to win customer loyalty other than their prepaid debit card and credit card programs.

“Online merchants are people who establish their own business on the Internet. These merchants buy and sell their products or services and hence need to have fast and effective payment solutions. Their business is futile without a proper payment method in place. To help the online merchants, Credocard, the market leader in the co-branded cards sector offer prepaid cards to the online merchants to ease their payment problems. By getting into a co-branded card program with Credocard, online merchants can easily set up a payment option for their online business. This payment option will not only be the answer to their payment questions but will also work as a marketing tool for the online businesses. This is mainly because online merchants can easily print the name and logo of their company on the co-branded cards provided by Credocard.” said Florian Ankenbauer, representative of CredoCard Ltd.

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About The Company

Credocard Ltd provides co-branded card programs on its proprietary award-winning payment processing platform.  For all your plastic currency needs, this is the company that you should be banking upon. Any business owner, who wants to optimize his payroll payments, implement co-branded credit cards for his clients and members for commission payouts, rewards, cashbacks etc. will definitely find a solution with this company. Credocard develops prepaid card programs and provides secured and unsecured credit cards as well.


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