Mygration Assists Entrepreneurs in Obtaining Australian Business Visas

[Brisbane, May 29, 2014] – Mygration, Australia’s finest team of qualified migration agents helps businesses secure Australian business visas. Investors and entrepreneurs can now start or relocate their business in Australia without a lot of trouble.


Business Innovation and Investment

There are two levels of this visa: provisional and permanent. Mygration can help in processing visas on both levels.

This visa type has three streams: the business innovation stream, which is the perfect option for those who can fulfill the financial investment requirement that the Nominating State Government has set; the investor stream, which is an easier and recommended method for those who plan to stay on the territory for their business and investment ventures even after the maturity of the original investment; and the significant investor stream, the right choice for owners who have the means to invest a minimum of AUD5 million in complying investments.

As long as the applicant meets the requirements of the government and follows the legal standards, investors can secure a business visa to run a company in the Land Down Under. Mygration assists entrepreneurs to ensure full compliance with all requirements and standards.

For those who seek long-term business/investment ventures in Australia, the visas granted from any of the three streams may be upgraded to permanent ones.

Mygration advises business owners to go after the visa type that is suitable for their business venture, depending on which stream they have taken during the application for the provisional visa.


Business Talent Visa

Mygration helps entrepreneurs obtain business talent visas as well. This visa type has different requirements over the previous one, as this follows State Government criteria, depending on the nature of business.

Another factor that Mygration advises business owners about is that this visa type is by invitation only, which means applicants have to submit an expression of interest to the government, and wait for an endorsement from the State or Territory government. The migration agents also advise about the age restriction for this visa type, set at 55 years old.


About Mygration

Mygration is comprised of a team of talented, qualified, and experienced migration agents. Through their assistance, people who want to migrate to Australia can have an easier time processing their visas. Thanks to years of experience in the field, Mygration ensures full compliance to legal requirements and standards on top of first-rate customer service.

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