GAT Jetfuel AQX – Diuretic Supplement


Are you having problem of puffiness in your muscles? Do you want to prevent the retention of water in your muscles which causes problems sometime? The retention of water in muscles occurs due to excess build-up of fluid in body parts like feet, fingers, ankles and legs. To overcome this problem, one has to make sure that one is taking natural diet like fruits and vegetable which are also diuretic in nature and can prevent the accumulation of water in the body. Apart from this, you can also take help from supplements like GAT Jetfuel AQX by GAT. This supplement is also diuretic in nature and provides the desirable results. Let us take a look at it.

Product Information:

The GAT Jetfuel AQX is intended for those individuals who are interested in increasing the definition of muscles and their hardness. The product is also meant for reducing the retention of water from the body. The GAT Jetfuel AQX contains some important natural ingredients which are diuretic in nature. The ingredient profile includes the names like MCT from coconut oil, sodium starch, and potassium citrate and calcium gluconate.

MCTs from Coconut Oil:

The coconut oil is the best source of medium tri-glycerides; an element which has the property of preventing water retention in muscles to avoid puffiness. It also improves the absorption of essential nutrients in the body. The GAT Jetfuel AQX also ensures that your body is not storing fats in the body so that you don’t look obese.

Potassium Citrate:

Potassium Citrate is another important ingredient of the GAT Jetfuel AQX which plays an important role when it comes to the treatment of muscle weakness and lethargy.

Calcium Gluconate:

It also another important natural element used in this product which is responsible for the health of bones and muscles.


The GAT Jetfuel AQX also contains Dandelion which is also diuretic in nature and used as a diet stimulant. The dandelion is said to increase the water and salt in your body that stimulates excretion of urine from the kidney. It also normalizes the blood sugar level in the body. A large number of people are using this supplement and they have reported positive feedback about it. You can also use the supplement if you follow some important directions.

Directions and Dosage:

The GAT Jetfuel AQX is intended to be used by those individuals who are aged above 18 and less than 50. If you are interested in using the supplement then you should take consultation from your doctor or physician who can guide you about the prospects of this supplement. The ingredient profile of the supplement is completely natural so there is no way that you would suffer from any major side effect. Please take 6 capsules a day along with 8 – 10 ounce of water or milk and observe the results for at least 8 weeks. You will definitely observe the change. The product should be kept out of reach of children.