Heroes Vodka Helps UK Veterans By Donating profits

If you have been sat in a pub with a pint of beer thinking how you can support the UK armed forces and the men and women who have been injured but not sure what you can do to help, then put down your pint and instead buy Heroes Vodka where 20% of the profits go to charities that support our heroes, the veterans.

I cannot think of a better way to support the brave men and women who have gone out to fight for our freedom than buying a silky smooth premium Vodka that was made by the Heroes Drinks Company.

A UK Veteran who wanted to support the brave men and women of the armed forces set up the Heroes Drinks Company. He knew first hand how charities desperately needed financial support in helping veterans, so he decided what better way to help than to set up a drinks company that would donate 20% of the profits.

One of the problems charities that support veterans face is the reduction in news coverage. With the lack of coverage of what our brave men and women are doing abroad, people are now starting to forget about the armed forces and less money is being donated to charity. But now with a Vodka drink named Heroes Vodka it could kick start the awareness as well as helping to raise much needed money for armed forces charities.

Each time a person buys a bottle of vodka, they are helping the veterans of the armed forces, helping charities who support the men and women who need help, and all through buying a high quality Vodka.

Hero Vodka which can be purchased from the Heroes Drinks company website is a great tasting drink supporting great veteran charities, letting the men and the women who serviced in the forces and witnessed things that most of the people in the United Kingdom could never imagine, know that they have not been forgotten and the support from the Great British Public is still there.

Do something great today and buy a bottle of Heroes Vodka and support the men and women in the Armed Forces.