Asset Management Group – A Reputable and Trusted Wealth Planning Specialist

Asset Management Group is dedicated to serving clients with customized services. They took good care of their clients. The success of their clients is their success too. That’s why they exert all efforts to cater all their client’s needs as much as they can.

Here are the services that are being offered at AEG:

Asset Recovery

There are a lot of many unclaimed funds entities but they focus on mortgage and tax sales. They have striven hard to work in your behalf to recover your capital you’re entitled and if they don’t recover you don’t owe them anything.

Tax Lien/Deed Acquisition

They purchase real property tax liens and deeds. They get the products for portfolio building as a subdivision of our real estate services. Tax lien and tax deed property sales are the best and new way to own real estate through the county governments. They purchase and if needed sellproperty back to owners at a lesser amount of the exact cost so they can stay in their homes.

Business Consulting Services

The business services of Asset Management Group are structured to be change agents to guide you build, grow and expand your business. Asset Management Group offer detailed services that boost sales and productivity of their employees.  The services can be used for individuals, small and large business companies.  You can ask today to see how they can widen your horizons.

Real Estate Acquisition

Asset Management Group’s Full Service Real Estate division who has individual and commercial property services suited to the needs of their clients.  Their due diligence systems help ease title problems, property issues and client-realtor mistakes. Asset Management Group goal is to reduce fraud, increase easy processes and eliminate buy remorse. They work in excellence so that their clients will experience the same.

Asset Management Group’s adapt their company searches to each buyer’s unique criteria of industry, revenue range, cash flow, location, valuation, management capabilities and other parameters. Right before presenting opportunities to their buyers, through a preliminary due diligence process, Asset Management Groupmake sure quality of the opportunity and a match against the established criteria.

They therefore serve a valued role to clients who are provoked by the time wasted reviewing deals not suited to their needs. They also function as a communication buffer between our clients and sellers until a client make a decision to take the lead in pursuing the negotiation. Their clients’ identities are held in strict confidence, and only bared to companies and other mediators with their consent.

Public Adjusting Services

Full service public adjusting company, and advocate for you, the home or business owner. Asset Management Groupadvise and help you in the presentation of your claim, using the latest computer and technologies available, and deal a fair and reasonable settlement with your insurance company. The fee for their service is only a small percentage of the amount earned from your insurance company, contingent on the settlement of a claim.

Energy Services

We all use it. Everyday. Electricity runs our computers, televisions, ovens… everything really. And now - our future. With green electric, our standard 25% renewable product, Asset Management Group helped thousands of people save on their energy bills every month by giving competitive rates to all.

Other Solutions

Asset Management Group offer free or contingency fee based services which allow the client to have more freedom to use their services elsewhere. For more information, visit us at: