Hotel Supplies: A Wide Range of Hospitality Commodity Something of a Premium Nature Provided to Serve the Purpose of Hospitality Branch of a Hotel

The global hotel industry is predicted to reach $847.8bn by 2015 according to recent reports by Hotels & Motels: Global Industry Almanac. This will be a big opportunity for the hotel suppliers to grab this opportunity and find out what they have to offer. 

About 'Hotel Supplies':

Basically supplies means the amount of a commodity/Materials or provisions stored available for meeting a demand or for purchase and to be dispensed when needed at a given price.

So the hotel supplies business is an important and popular form of supplies that deals with a wide range of hospitality products and equipment for hotels, restaurants, resorts, cruise ships and many other subcontractors of the hospitality branch.

A unique hotel supplies always need to provide top quality House Keeping, Food and Beverage Supplies, especially with a wide selection of Room Supplies, Soaps, Hotel Toiletries, Amenities, Kits and all Food & Beverage Operating Supplies etc.,

Though the amenities provided in each hotel vary, but basically the 'Hotel Amenity' is something of a premium nature provided in addition to the room and its basics when renting a room at a hotel, motel, or other place of lodging. These amenities may be either commonly standardized or may be optional for an additional cost.

The 'Hotel Supplies' is classified in different categories and here is an effort to list out the most common and important ones and they are as follows:

01. Toiletries Products: Generally includes Soaps, Toiletries, Room Amenities/Kits, Toilet roll/Face Tissues, etc.,

02. Room Amenities & Kits Products: Dental Kit, Shaving Kit, Sewing Kit, Executive Kit, etc.,

03. Food & Beverage Supplies Products: Paper Napkin, Tissue Napkin, Chef Cap, Doileys, etc.,

04. Specialized Kits Products: Wedding Kits, Patient/ Hospital Kits, Ladies Kits, Promotional Kits, etc.,

It is not that only the above mentioned are the essential elements of a complete hotel supply, some other elements also are there apart from these such as:

01. Hotel Room:

a) In the room: Kitchen facilities, Television, Internet access, Personal items, Hairdryer, Towels, etc.,

b) Outside the room: Dining, Vending, Exercise, Recreation, etc.,

02. Bar - Restaurant

03. Conference - Banqueting

04. Housekeeping

05. Signage

06. Safety - Security

07. Public Area

08. Outdoor / Terrace

Along with all these above mentioned amenities some other equipment and/or product supplies also plays very important role in the issue of 'Hotel Supplies' and they are as follows:

01. Dress boy metal

02. Dress boy wood

03. Waste-paper bins of different sizes, shapes and types such as: Waste-paper bin with imitation leather cover, Waste-paper bin with fabric cover and Self-extinguishing waste-paper bin etc.,

04. Tray for children chair

05. Baby changing station - horizontal and vertical

06. Boxspring Hotel Supply

07. Bonell springs mattress Hotel Supply

08. Deluxe Topper Hotel Supply

09. Mattress protector and Mattress cover

10. Depliants holder/ Depliants holder with space for remote-control/Depliants holder wall mounted with space for remote-control

11. Brochure holder A4 size

12. Trouserpress

In addition to the above amenities, equipment and/or product oriented 'Hotel Supplies', there is another segment of 'Hotel Supplies' that is service oriented and some of the important and commonly required service oriented 'Hotel Supplies' are as follows: 

01. UPS

02. UPS Solar

03. WDM Broker

04. Power Supply

05. UPS Transformer

06. LED Power Supply

07. Power Supply Cord

08. Electricity Supply

09. Power Supply Meter

10. Computer Power Supply

11. Water Supply Service

12. Water Supply Deionized

13. Surveyor Water Supply Scheme

14. Consultant Water Tanker Supply

15. Supply Chain Outsourcing Solution

16. Supply Chain Management Commodity

17. Institute Supply Chain Management

18. Supply Chain Management Consultant

19. Water Supply Service for Restaurant

20. Computer Software Development for Billing

21. Placement Service Employer for Manpower on Contract

And also may be other requirements like Hotel Marine Supply, Wedding Supplies and Waste Paper Supply etc.,

So this is all about the different requirements of 'Hotel Supplies' but there are many other important issues to be taken care of to establish, run and manage a 'Hotel Supplies' business consistently and successfully such as: commitment to values and concepts to reach all expectations in the world of hospitality.

This needs a proper and perfect implementation and execution of the talent, ideas and energy of the employees to the consistent development and success of a 'Hotel Supplies' business, as same with any other business form.

The management style also should be cooperative, collegial, non-bureaucratic and team-based, because this allows the establishment to get enriched with the flexibility to learn from within and to quickly adapt to new challenges.

Simply and finally any business establishment, particularly the 'Hotel Supplies' business establishments should keep doors open to everyone as per as the professional and personal development is concerned and always look and allow individuals to contribute to the future success of the business establishment.

Only those business establishments will always stay ahead in the heavy competitive environment in 'Hotel Supplies' business, which serves with an exceptional service focused on the clients' requirements to the maximum best by providing vast product selection and timely delivery with the help of different customized technology solutions.

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