Air Hockey Penguins: Snow and Ice: Play Real-Like Air Hockey Game In Your Smartphones

CritterMap Software LLC, a reputed website and mobile app company that developed BackCountry Navigator Android GPS App recently introduced another masterpiece, the Air Hockey Penguins: Snow and Ice game. This game is about penguins running and racing to stop the puck and function as mallets.  They become “angry birds” if they lose the game. Air Hockey Penguins: Snow and Ice offers three different settings - snow, ice, and rocks and on the air, the penguins can run, glide, and race for the puck.

Air Hockey Penguins has three air hockey themes which include:

-Penguins play on Arctic ice with winter snow and rocks. A must download game plays that is cute and fun for kids.

-Neon Glow: hockey in the dark with high speed glow effects.

- Classic board: for a hockey game on deluxe hardwood.

Air Hockey Penguins: Snow and Ice will let you experience real-like hockey action as this game features unified with immersion tactile effects, sound effects and arcade game sound effects that are adrenaline rushing, gameplay that is based on real physics for puck and mallet and sparks, snow, glow, and other particle effects.

The 1 Player game is against the AI Penguin or mallet while the 2 Player gameplay is against someone on the same tablet or smartphone. Air Hockey Penguins: Snow and Ice don’t require you air hock table to play. You can play air hockey free on your smartphone and table PC and have fun in ultimate portable play. They can also be downloaded and installed on Intel processor smartphones.

On the game, Air Hockey Penguins are not related with the Pittsburg hockey team or any other team from the NHL or Canadian Hockey League. Air Hockey Penguins can be happy and pleasing to play in the wintertime, Yuletide season or any time of the year.

The main goal of CritterMap Software LLC and it Air Hockey Penguins game app is offer unique feeling and experience of gameplay. This can be played on tablet or smartphone by yourself or against the person next to you. Go download and play it now!

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