Albuquerque, New Mexico - New Mexico Pain, home to two of the best pain management clinics in Albuquerque now offers an outpatient drug rehabilitation program. The board-certified and award-winning doctors at New Mexico Pain can help treat patients with an addiction to narcotic medications.

When a person takes opiates as a medication for chronic pain or another condition, this medication can become addicting. As the pain increases, the dosage prescribed may increase, which could cause addiction for patients.

New Mexico Pain offers an outpatient program in which patients work closely with a board-certified pain management doctor. Albuquerque’s clinics have had a great success rate with treating patients for their addiction.

Pain management doctors Albuquerque may also recommend a Suboxone treatment. This medication is able to suppress the withdrawal symptoms and cravings experienced by those addicted to pain medication. The potential for abuse of Suboxone is relatively low, which is why it is recommended by pain management doctors. Doctors also recommend the Suboxone treatment because it does not cause euphoria.

Studies have shown that the success rate for an outpatient drug rehab program with the assistance of Suboxone is over 50%. For patients who try to quit their opioid addiction without the help of Suboxone, the success rate is relatively low.

At the Albuquerque pain clinic, doctors work closely with the patients to ensure that their health is in good hands. They will prescribe the best outpatient treatment plan for each patient as they see fits their needs and health. Each patient is different, though and will require a customized treatment plan. For some patients the process of rehabilitation will take longer than others.

If you or a family member are facing a drug addiction, you should seek the help of a highly qualified pain management doctor. For more information on the outpatient drug rehabilitation offered at the pain management clinics in Albuquerque, contact New Mexico Pain.

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New Mexico Pain is made up of two pain management clinics in the Albuquerque area. They offer over treatment options for a variety of conditions. The pain management doctors in Albuquerque are board-certified and boast over a 90% success rate. For more information or to schedule an appoint, visit New Mexico Pain’s website or call 505-209-3113.

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