Mark Birnbaum- The man who redefined the nightlife!

“Since 1998, Mark has been consistently working for the betterment of New York’s nightlife. His association with the EMM group has given the city many exclusive nightlife venues.”

Mark Birnbaum is popular for many reasons, and his association with the leading hospitality management company, the EMM group, is the most prominent one. Mark founded the EMM group in 2006, along with two other co-partners. Besides the EMM group, he is also part of ‘Four hundred’.

He developed a number of successful night life venues and restaurants in the Meatpacking District, which became very popular among party lovers. Before starting his career as an executive in the hospitality and nightlife industry, Mark attended Ithaca College.

After working as a promotion’s director, he started his very own club in NY. Four years later, he formed Operative Inc., a firm that offered nightlife consultancy. Later on, he established the ‘Lobby’, a happening nightclub.

After the Lobby’s successful and raging reviews, Mark was hired to oversee the work related to marketing, event management and public relations for AER. Later on he joined Michael Hartenstein and Eugene Remm and formed the EMM group.

Mark’s first venture with the group was the Tenjune club, located in the Meatpacking District. It boasted of three lavish and posh rooms with unique style. It has a semi-circled dance room, a DJ booth with gold seating and a purple draped room with thick curtains, which Mark created to provide moveable furniture.

His next launch with the group was the EMM group estate, a large establishment in the Hampton’s, that hosts big events like fashion shows, concerts and art openings during summer.

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