Pr-Fit Body Bar, Providing Compact Solution for Workouts, Now in Development

Miami, FL – April 17, 2014 – Pr-Fit has announced the continuing development of the Pr-Fit Body Bar. A compact solution designed to allow for full body workouts with minimal space, the product consists of a 12 inch bar that expands up to 36 inches. It has a carbon fiber design, making it less than two pounds. The bar will let people perform complete workouts without needing much space, wherever they are.


Built to fit inside a briefcase, backpack, or carry-on bag, the Pr-Fit Body Bar is easy to carry and supports different functions. Users can take advantage of different levels of resistance. Accessories enable one to do warm ups, workouts, and even rehabilitation and other tasks.


From an integrated expansion point, the portable workout bar expands up to 36 inches, the same as the length of common barbell grips. Inside the unit is a resistance band that is strong enough to step on and not wear out. Foot stirrups are both comfortable and designed for safety. This configuration enables people to do squats and curls, for example. The product can be positioned in many ways, so one can do pushups, rows, presses, and more with the resistance needed for an effective workout.


Pr-Fit stands for Portable Resistance Fitness Individual Trainer. Currently in development, the designers are featuring the product and its prototypes on The current goal is to raise $55,000 for the manufacture of the product plus marketing expenses.


Donations range from $1 to $275. A contribution of $79 qualifies one for the Pr-Fit Basic package when it becomes available, while a $99 contribution gets one the Pr-Fit Silver package. The Pr-Fit Gold package is available to those who donate $124 and the Pr-Fit Incentive Kit, complete with a gold package of equipment plus a distributor code, will be available to anyone who sends $275 or more. In addition, varying donations to childhood obesity will be made depending on the package and donor contribution.


For more information, go to Donations are being accepted until June 1.