Gallus Blanchard an Outstanding Real Estate Connect Realty.

Known for his honor, integrity, and commitment, Gallus Blanchard has been an excellent realty agent since connexion Connect Realty’s Houston workplace in March of 2013.  His ambition, tireless work ethic, selling initiatives, and determination still generate business still as earn him a particularly respectable name among his purchasers and colleagues. it's with nice pleasure that we tend to acknowledge Gallus for his unwavering focus, drive, service, and persistence that have resulted in such extremely reputable results.

With an in depth Military background, Gillus holds his responsibilities as a true realtor to constant high standards he used whereas serving our country from 1990 – 2011. additionally to his service as a Tanker, Gillus worked for The Operational take a look at Command wherever he traveled round the u.  s. to check new Army instrumentality for 6 years.  Throughout that point, his need to transition out of the Military and into retirement diode him to attain his realty license in 2007 whereas still living in Killeen, TX, a town famed for its widespread Military presence.  In 2011, he set to pursue realty full time and retire from the Military.

After deciding to expand his realty business to Houston, Gillus began researching totally different brokerages that will enable him to figure in each Houston and Killeen and located Connect holding.  He loves the support that Connect holding provides agents and has been very affected with the company’s leadership.

As one of Connect Realty’s high producers, Gallus maintains a high level of service and asserts his determination and focus in each dealing.  He refuses to just accept the word “no”.  Instead, he perseveres by determination the matter or moving up the chain of command till he hears “yes”.  This diligent work ethic and exceptional service have resulted with various referrals that keep him systematically on-the-grind with a surplus of purchasers in each Houston and Killeen.

Since connexion Connect holding, Gillus has been associate instrumental part in implementing associate assortment of promoting campaigns.  His unyielding drive and relentless ambition diode him to become a participant in a very new initiative for 1st time homebuyers. He organizes, facilitates and promotes categories for 1st time homebuyers with the objectives of teaching 1st time homebuyers concerning their choices and generating business.  Gillus has been smartly capital punishment numerous selling techniques to make awareness and encourage attending for the primary category on Gregorian calendar month eighteen.

In addition to his participation in crusade 1st time homebuyers, Gillus additionally actively markets his services to Veterans.  As a retired Veteran, Gillus remains engaged with the Military community by giving back, as well as donating to Wounded Warriors. additionally, he distributes flyers concerning our Veterans profit Program at the VA Hospital to market his services.  After all, Gillus is taken into account associate knowledgeable once operating with VA transactions stemming from his intensive help with Military personnel in Killeen.

While using techniques to draw in new purchasers, Gillus has not neglected different parts to make his real estate business. in exactly many months of being a part of Connect holding, Gillus has recruited four outstanding realty agents to his team and has 2 additional connexion shortly. With spectacular networking and selling skills, Gillus has exploited every chance that he encounters to introduce agents to attach holding. to not mention, his stress on coaching and development ensures that new agents area unit equipped with the crucial tools, information and confidence required to continue advancing.

Author Bio: - Brinkley Calico

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