Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live Combines the History of the Salem Witch Trials and One Woman's Heritage

(1888 PressRelease) New book from author Laura Jo DeMordaunt offers view of her ancestor's experience while being prosecuted for "obnoxious" behavior during Salem Witch Trials. 

The stories of the Salem Witch Trials are the stuff of legends. Tales from this checkered part of American history may seem far away, but they have come home to author Laura Jo DeMordaunt. Her new book, Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live, offers the twisting story of Bridget Bishop, DeMordaunt's ancestor and a woman who was prosecuted during this time for her "obnoxious" behavior. 

DeMordaunt has a great passion for telling her family stories bathed in the light of true historical details. Bridget Bishop, a woman who was held suspect by authorities based on her behavior - especially her scandalous three marriages - was prosecuted during the real Salem Witch Trials. DeMordaunt's careful research into her own heritage and the history of the period have led to a remarkable book written in Old English, telling Bishop's story and offering probable scenarios as to how Bishop led her life.

Available now on Amazon and through SDP Publishing Solutions, DeMordaunt's new work, Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live, has been a passion of the author's for a long period of time. 

"Doing the research about my family history and tying that into what really happened during the Salem Witch Trials has been my consuming passion for years now," said DeMordaunt. "I'm excited to share the history of the time and the truth about what happened with my readers. I know they will be as captivated by this part of our history as I am."

DeMordaunt's book brings the Salem Witch Trials into focus for every reader. Interesting to anyone who has an appreciation for family history and American Colonial history, Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live will provide inspiration for further research and understanding. Suitable for male and female readers alike, this work of historical fiction is appealing for those who study genealogy or American history or who appreciate the lessons learned from the darker issues of our culture.

About The Author

Laura Jo DeMordaunt has been a lifelong student of the history of New England. With ancestors arriving on the Mayflower and others in 1626 and thereafter, a good portion of her lifetime has been spent researching and writing histories of their struggles and triumphs in the New World, specifically Salem, Massachusetts. Her ancestor Bridget Bishop has been a 35-year research project. The vaults of many of New England's museums, public offices, libraries, and genealogical societies have become her friends.

After encouraging her six sons and one daughter to achieve advanced degrees, Mrs. DeMordaunt returned to college at the age of 57 and graduated from Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho with a Bachelor of Science degree with an emphasis in Education. She loves serving in her church, flower gardening, traveling, and spending time on the family cattle ranch she shares with her husband, Roger. She is very proud of her 27 grandchildren. Roger and Laura Jo have just celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary.