Riverton choirs bid a fond farewell to Mr. Marquez at final concert

The Riverton Middle School and Riverton High School choirs performed Tuesday night at Central Wyoming College with an emotional farewell to their beloved choir teacher Mr. Jon Marquez. Mr. Marquez is moving back to his hometown in Nebraska at the end of the school year. In the two years he has been in Riverton, he has made a huge impact on the choir programs.
The middle school choir presented him with a stool with each student’s signature and the high school students presented him with a tie they had all signed. At the end of the program the audience gave Mr. Marquez a standing ovation.
It was Pop Concert, and each of the choirs sung their favorite popular modern hits such as "Geronimo," "Best Day of my Life" and a Medley of Justin Bieber hits. The program consisted of the 6th grade choir, the 7 & 8th grade choir, senior solos, the high school concert choir, the all woman’s choir, Harmonix, and it ended with a song sung by all the high school choirs together.
Mr. Marquez recognized the outstanding choir students of the year: Freshman Emma McGrouder, Sophomores Leam Harms and Adam Weaver, Junior Rachel Hutchinson and Seniors Kyle Phister and Kierra Muehler.
The seniors didn’t have to attend the concert because they graduated the Sunday before but most of them were there to sing one more time together and with Mr. Marquez. Their final song featured a solo from each of the senior Harmonix members.