Go Green in 2014 with Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn by Windsor Turf, Sydney

With ever rising pollution graph, now days all of us are talking and planning for going green. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to spare a time in the life filled with all the mechanical routines and fixed schedules. However, did you know that green grass in your lawn can actually help you? Lawn and turf grass have a long history in the Australia. Especially, Sir Walter Buffalo Turf has been honored by most homeowners for its obvious aesthetic and ornamental values, and most citizens prefer it for many visible advantages. If you are a nature lover and wanna go green in 2014 and help Mother Earth, then Sir Walter Buffalo lawn can you in your social cause.

Having a Sir Walter lawn is a chore, and a subject filled with big responsibilities. However, there are more advantages than disadvantages, and when you locate someone who is an expert in lawn maintenance and turf supplies, your job becomes even easier. So, instead of sweating, stick to your plan of going green in 2014 and hire a company for Sir Walter turf installation and landscaping.

Advantages of Sir Walter Buffalo Turf:
Fresh Air and Sun:

The foremost advantage of having a Sir Walter Lawn is that you get fresh air and gentle sunshine every day. As we all know, fresh air is good for health, but very few might be knowing that a small amount of sunshine is actually good for you. The sun triggers your skin to produce Vitamin D, which is obligatory for your body to absorb calcium. Inhaling fresh air increases the amount of oxygen in your body, which sequentially translates to greater energy and clarity of mind.

Exposure to sunlight and the inhaling of fresh air can actually offer your body health benefits that can last a lifetime.

Physical Exercise

Most believe that getting off the couch and pushing a mower is filled with the fun, but it is not so. Mowing a lawn is like a physical challenge and can burn more calories than playing Frisbee and Volleyball. While mowing, you need to use muscles in both your upper and lower body, as a result of which, you get a cardiovascular workout.

Recently, a survey in the Stockholm concluded that a regular gardening or DIY can minimize the danger of a heart attack or stroke, and extend the life by as much as 30% among the 60+ age group. This study is excellent news for large swaths of the population in Australia, who hates to run, swim or go to the gym.  

Pollution control and Noise Absorption

Turf grass absorbs pollution and ambient noise, and therefore making your house pollution free and quieter.

Along with above mentioned advantages, there are many other benefits of having a Sir Walter lawn such as it can avoid soil erosion, keeps your house and surrounding cool, reduces the amount of carbon oxide and helps in maintaining the ecosystem. Your Sir Walter lawn will offer you with a wealth of benefits so remember to own one and take care of it with water, pesticides, and fertilizer.

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