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Leading safety tubs manufacturers- American Walk In Tubs now offer free shipping on all safety bathtubs. The company provides lifetime warranty on its products.

Leading walk-in tub manufacturers, American Walk In Tubs now offer free delivery on all their safety tubs. Company’s catalogue also includes products like mobility showers, which are wheelchair accessible. Their broad range of products is divided into Presidential and American Series of Safety Tubs. While the former includes features such as anti-slip floor and 17” anti slip seat, grab bars, extra wide doors, wall mountable shower units and grab bars, the Presidential series comes with extra features such as right and left sided doors, dual lever ADA faucets and handheld-wall mounted showers. These series further include over ten different varieties of walk-ins.

A spokesperson gave tips on to how select a walk-in tub and said, “Understanding your purpose of purchase is crucial when it comes to selecting a walk-in bathtub. For instance, those looking for a safety tub for the elderly or individuals with mobility issues can opt for a basic safety tub with sitting feature and shower(s) availability. And if luxury bathtub with safety features is what you need, then a range of hydrotherapy based bathtubs will suit your requirements. Whirlpool massage systems are perfect for those who want customized pain relief and stress free bathing experience.”

Established over 30 years ago, American Walk In Tubs was founded with the aim of designing wheelchair accessible bathtubs. Their tubs include steps that are only a few inches in height and come with lifetime warranty on tub body and frame. The company also offers lifetime warranty on its doors and seals. Each tub comes with extra wide doors and speed drain system for faster drainage. The basic variety of tubs includes 5 piece Roman Faucets and hand held/wall mountable shower unit.

Apart from bathtubs, the company also offers mobility showers, which are compliant to requirements established by American Disabilities Act (ADA). These showers are wheelchair accessible and include handheld shower systems.

The spokesperson added, “Walk in tubs are a perfect addition for any home. They offer safety, are more accessible, easy to use and include luxury benefits as well. For instance, the whirlpool massage system improves blood circulation and massages sore muscles, providing natural pain relief. Hydrotherapy tubs offer indulgent water therapy benefits. We also have walk-in tubs designed for homeowners with space woes. These tubs can fit into smallest of spaces and still have enough space in their interiors.”

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About American Walk In Tubs

American Walk-in Tubs combine 30 years of engineering with wheelchair accessibility to provide safer bathtubs. The company offers a range of bathtubs, including classic designs and contemporary, therapeutic designs. These bathtubs are supplied with a lifetime warranty and designed using woven fiberglass.