World's Largest Six-Pack of Beer in Buffalo, NY?

BUFFALO, NY – Beer anyone? How about a 10-story, six-pack of Labatt Blue beer?

Former grain silos, once operated by the Grange League Federation, and now part of a nine-acre sports and entertainment complex called Buffalo RiverWorks, underwent a very “blue” facelift. Labatt wrapped the 100 feet high grain silos to look like a giant six-pack of Labatt Blue beer. The company chose the site because of Labatt’s strong ties to Buffalo, its largest market and hometown. In addition, the silo location was home to Labatt’s popular Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament earlier this year, an event that draws thousands of hockey fans, annually.  

 Six grain silos at Buffalo RiverWorks site are currently being donned with a mix of huge blue vinyl panels and paint.  Installation began on September 27 and is expected to be completed by October 2. Buffalo’s newest “six-pack” is among the largest in the world.

 “Labatt Blue is Buffalo’s beer. We are headquartered here, and want to make a big statement that links Buffalo’s industrial past to its present-day focus on waterfront development. The new Buffalo is an amazing city that people are rediscovering. We are proud to call Buffalo home,” said Glen Tibbits, vice president of marketing for Labatt.

 Labatt privately funded the project, which also included design, production and installation support from local Buffalo vendors.

 Investing in Buffalo’s Past and Future

Buffalo RiverWorks, located at 359 Ganson Street in Buffalo, is a budding nine-acre entertainment complex that will be built in subsequent phases over the next several years, including a brewery, multiple bars, restaurants, a beer garden, concert venue, indoor roller-derby track, outdoor ice rinks and other attractions. The site has been desolate for years, beyond light office and storage space. With extensive rehabilitaiton, the site is on its way to becoming a regional entertainment destination. The site features:

·         60,000 square feet of indoor space.

·         A working brewery in the silos, featuring a 15-barrel system with storage that will be piped to serve freshly brewed beer into multiple bars and restaurants on-site. Being imported daily from Canada, Labatt will not be brewed at the new brewery, but it will poured for patrons.

·         50,000 square feet of outdoor, covered ice rinks which are home to the Labatt Blue Buffalo Pond Hockey Tournament and other on-ice activities.

 “Buffalo RiverWorks is a one-of-a-kind entertainment destination that builds on its natural waterfront location,” said Doug Swift, developer and principal, Buffalo RiverWorks. “We’re building on Buffalo’s momentum by creating vibrancy and life on the Buffalo River.  The Labatt six-pack project is another great example of resurrecting history in the great city of Buffalo, celebrating our hometown and our favorite hometown beer.”

 The redevelopment of the Buffalo RiverWorks site began in November 2013 and is expected to be completed in 2015. Earl Ketry and Doug Swift partnered in its development. View and subscribe to news from Labatt USA here:


About Labatt USA
Headquartered in Buffalo, NY, Labatt USA imports Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light daily from Canada. Labatt Blue is America’s top-selling Canadian beer.  First brewed in 1951, Labatt Blue offers a clean, refreshing taste, light color, slight hop aroma, good balance, fruity character and a slightly sweet taste.  Labatt Blue Light, a Canadian pilsner, is the No. 2 Canadian import behind Labatt Blue.      

 Always enjoy responsibly.