Pacific Specialists Introduces PRP Wrinkle Reduction

Pacific Specialists, one of the leading medical centers in Los Angeles specializing in ENT care and cosmetic surgery, introduces platelet-rich plasma (PRP) wrinkle reduction. This is only part of the cosmetic services from the clinic.

[LOS ANGELES, January 2, 2014]—Pacific Specialists in Los Angeles introduces wrinkle reduction with the use of Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP. This is only among the center’s solutions to help their clients defy aging.

In the medical vernacular, PRP is a volume of plasma with platelet count that goes beyond the baseline of whole blood. A fraction of the patient’s own blood can be extracted, spun down, and then re-applied or injected to improve the health of the tissue in certain body parts. Specialists at the center also use PRP to hasten the healing process after performing skin resurfacing.

PRP improves skin texture and diminishes visible facial lines. By placing it into the deeper layer of the patient’s skin, it will improve fibroplasts and other skin cells, which are integral in maintaining a youthful skin. Patients usually request to conduct PRP procedures in areas under eyes and neck. The procedure may also work in other areas like the upper lips.

The clinic notes that anyone who suffers from low self-esteem due to mature or immature skin wrinkling can undergo this type of skin reconditioning procedure. A more comforting fact about this procedure is the nutrients that the surgeons will use will come from the patients themselves. Pacific Specialists, however, warns that PRP is not structured to serve as a replacement for surgery for loose skin.

About Pacific Specialists

Pacific Specialists is one of the leading medical centers in Los Angeles specializing in ear, nose & throat, head & neck, ophthalmology, audiology & vestibular testing, hearing aids, and cosmetic surgery. The center uses advanced medical equipment and has a team of board-certified physicians and staff that embrace the center’s medical philosophy of excellence, compassion, respect, and integrity. Pacific Specialists is accredited by and affiliated with reputable organizations, like the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.

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