Demand from Cement Industry Will be a Key Marker Driver in the Mining Ventilation System Market in China

Reportstack has announced a new market research report on the Mining Ventilation System Market in China, which is expected to post a CAGR of 12.06 percent from 2014-2019.

About the Report

According to the report, high demand from the cement industry has increased the demand for coal, which is a major source of energy in cement production. This has resulted in a number of new mines in China.  

“New coal mines require the installation of ventilation systems, which is a mandatory requirement for pumping out hazardous gases and pumping in adequate amounts of oxygen,”.

The report  emphasizes the use of eco-friendly equipment as another important market driver. Green mining uses eco-friendly technologies and notable practices to reduce the environmental impact caused by the extraction and processing of minerals and metals. This includes minimizing greenhouse gases and chemical use, as well as relying on selective mining practices to reduce the ecological footprint.  

“An increase in mining activities has necessitated the need for high-power ventilation systems and eco-friendly equipment used in ventilation systems help reduce power consumption,”.

Complete report with TOC available @ Mining Ventilation System Market in China 2015-2019.

Key Information Covered in the Report:

Market segmentation, size and forecast through 2019

Market Growth Drivers:

Increased Demand from Cement Industry
For a full detailed list, view our report.

Market Challenges:

Low Demand for Replacements
For a full detailed list, view our report.

Market Trends:

Ventilation on Demand
For a full detailed list, view our report.

Key Vendors:

Hubei Pingan Electric Material Co. Ltd
Shanxi Coal Ke Wan Yu Fan Co. Ltd
Zibo Fan Co. Ltd

Other Prominent Vendors:

Liang Herng Elec Mach
Shandong China Coal Industrial & Mining Supplies
Shenzhen Ambeyond Technology

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